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Tree Religion

Religion ATGIB

eebz b

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Tree Religion

The Saints
Saint Frances of Rome
The Pope
Virgin Mary
The Saints
The Saints
Mary the Blessed Virgin
"Then when the world becomes too ugly for living in, the child (Francie) can reach back and live in her imagination. I, myself, even in this day and at my age, have great need of recalling the miraculous lives of the Saints and the great miracles that have come to pass on earth. Only by having these things in my mind can I live beyond what I
to live for" (84).
Catholic Confession
•Confession is a Catholic responsibility where...




A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
By Abbigale Berry, Jordan Evans, Ashlee Kupor, & Lauren Sanders
Francie's Confession
The Saints
Saint Katherine of Alexandria
- Leader of the Catholic church

- Symbolic successor of Saint Peter

- Is said to be able to communicate with God

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
, Francie attends Confession with her friend, Maudie. They do not go inside the same confessional, but rather, they travel to and from the church together. There...

"When her turn came, Francie pushed aside the heavy curtain and knelt in the confessional. The old, old mystery took hold as the priest slid open the tiny door that separated him from the sinner and made the sign of the cross before the grilled window. He started whispering rapidly and monotonously in Latin with his eyes closed. She caught the mingled odors of incense, candle wax, flowers, and the good black cloth and shaving lotion of the priest.
'Bless me, Father, for I have sinned...'" (Smith 49).
A simple depiction of confession
The second of the three initial sacraments
In this event:
The bishop applies Chrism to the person's forehead
"Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit"
Believed that they have passed the protection of the holy spirit onto the Catholic
“Francie packed a few last things in a wooden Fels-Naptha soap box. From over the mantelpiece, she took down the crucifix and the picture of her and Neeley on Confirmation Day,” (Smith
The Sacraments
Assigned actions by Christ himself to give grace
Catholics are to execute seven throughout their lives
1. Baptism
2. Confirmation
3. Holy Communion
4. Confession
5. Marriage
6. Holy Orders
7. Anointing of the Sick

Relevance to
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
In Brooklyn there were particular traditions to be carried out that allowed for splurging:
Professional photos taken
Making three wishes
Not much of an event in the book
The photo is something that Francie decides to take with her when she leaves her old life behind
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Determined to serve God even when others tell her 'no'
Devoted her whole life to God, despite her personal sacrifices
Mary Rommely says to Katie about being a mother,
Works Cited
- Catholics have faith in the Virgin Mary

- 3 categories of honor and worship: Latria, Dulia, Hyperdulia
- Hyperdulia for Mary

- Honor Mary, not worship or sacrifice for
- Figureheads for Catholics, icons to live up to

- Catholic church doesn’t make or create saints, it recognizes them (“Saint”)

- People pray to the saints, but some Catholics argue that they can’t hear people’s prayers (Brom “Praying”)

- Honored with Dulia
In A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, when Lucia's baby turned out to be healthy, her father surmised, “It was a miracle! Surely the Virgin Mary had intervened for the young mother.” (Smith 269)

This shows the power Mary holds in the Catholics' eyes and the honor they have for her.
Mother of Jesus
Demonstrates relationship between the divine and humans
Like Saint Frances, she believes in Christianity despite her hardships
Frances Nolan
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