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No description

Lauren Estioko

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Gymnastics

Raise your hand if you know what gymnastics is. If so, what does it mean? Well if you didn't already know it's all about physical strength, agility, and flexibility.
Types of gymnastics
rhythmic gymnastics
In gymnastics there is not just 1 type there are 2. The first and most common type of gymnastics is . . . . . . . .artistic gymnastics! Artistic gymnastics is when they are performing a series of skills on different apparatuses.Every time I go outside for recess, I see groups of girls and a boy [just like Xavier] doing gymnastics on the grass or flipping on the bar. The other type of gymnastics is . . . . rhythmic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics involves obviously gymnastics but, while doing certain moves they do tricks with ribbons,balls,hula hoops, ropes, or batons.
artistic gymnastics
When watching the olympics, you usually see gymnasts performing on different things but, those "things" are apparatuses. Both male and female gymnasts perform on these but, they do different apparatuses. Male do Pommel horse, Rings, Parallel Bars, Horizontal Bar, Vault, and Floor Exercise. Females do Balance Beam, Vault, Uneven Bars, and Floor Exercise.
Apparatuses [Pictures]
Skills and Levels
In gymnastics, you usually start off in level 1 and learn the basics like a forward roll,cartwheel, and handstand. Then, once you perfect all the skills you need, you level up and learn challenging skills every time you level up. Levels start from level 1 to level 10 then, you can become an elite gymnast. My suggestion if you do gymnastics is, don't push yourselves to learn tricks quicker if you are not in gymnastics or without a coach because you will hurt yourself. Every time I do a "cool" trick girls see me and try and do it and get hurt. Don't do that! You'll suffer a consequence like being in a cast for a month. So, it is better to start gymnastics class to learn the right way and not get hurt. It's just my suggestion.
What they wear
Female gymnasts wear leotards with stretchy shorts at practice. They wear the same competition leotard as their team at competitions. They have to put their hair in a hairstyle that keeps their hair out of their face during practice and competitions. Male gymnasts wear shirts with shorts for practice. At competitions they wear a sleeveless leotard with shorts or long pants.
leotard for girls
leotard for boys
by: Lauren Anne Estioko
It's every gymnasts dream to go to the Olympics [or not] and bring home the gold medal. To make that happen you would have to be an elite gymnast and train really hard for 30 hours per week and still do school. Before the olympics, you first have to go to the olympic trials to qualify for the Olympics.
Famous Gymnasts
Famous gymnasts inspire kids like me, to do gymnastics. Gabby Douglas was the first African American gymnast in history to become the first individual All Around champion and win gold in the gymnastic individual all around and team competition at the same Olympic games. Something that I love about Gabby is, that when the going gets tough, she gets back up finishing perfectly.
Gabby Douglas
Extra Facts
Gymnastics has been a sport that has been around for 2,000 years.
The Ancient Greeks trained their young students in gymnastics as their education.
Most elite gymnasts are home schooled due to their long practices, competitions, and traveling.
Grips come in different sizes based on your how small or big your hand is.
Gymnastics is a sport that I think is a fun sport that I think I would work hard for to do team.
Live Love Tumble
My Skills
I'm in level 2 gymnastics and I do gymnastics at the YMCA. Before I started taking gymnastics, I already knew how to do some skills then I started taking gymnastics so I could be safe learning new skills. My tip is take gymnastics class because as I have said this before you could get hurt and nobody wants that to happen. I could do all the floor,beam,vault, and bar skills for level 1 and 2 but, some skills like a front walkover and front handspring is not in my level but, i can still do it.
Note : All the tricks I do at recess have been done at the gym with a coach. Thank You!
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