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What Causes Gravity?

Includes information, pictures, and videos about gravity and more! Enjoy!

Penelope Yang

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of What Causes Gravity?

What is Gravity?
Gravity is a non contact & fundamental force
Physicists have only partially answered how gravity is caused.
Well, gravity effects us everyday but in a good way. Gravity keeps us from floating off into space and suffocating.
What Causes

Scientists think that gravity is caused by carrier particles called "Gravitons"
Gravity affects everything with mass in the universe
Though the cause of gravity is unsolved, Issac Newton was the first to comprehensively describe it
The Mysterious Force
How are We Relevant?
Basically everything is held together by gravity
1. Every object in a state
of uniform motion tends
to remain in that state of motion
unless an external force
is applied to it
Newton's First Law
of Motion
Gravity is one of the weakest
What Can Gravity Cause?
Gravity can also cause potential energy
Newton's Second Law of Motion
The relationship between an object's mass, its acceleration, and the applied force
Newton's Third Law of Motion
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
Information You Probably Want to Know About
Black holes(matter squeezed together into a tiny space) have the strongest gravitational pull in the entire universe
What Causes Gravity?
Gravity helps the growth of plants and vegetation
Our weight varies on every planet depending on its gravitational pull
Gravity can cause health problems such as bone loss, muscle atrophy, and fluid shifts
Gravity makes stars
by squeezing their matter together
A better word for gravity is "dark energy"
Why is the Mystery of Gravity
Well of course! Life does need gravity.
If there was no gravity, our bones and muscles would be out of place including our internal organs
Humans will have trouble breathing without gravity
Does Life Really
Eggs would fail to hatch without gravity to keep the yolks near the shell
Physicists have not solved the mystery of gravity yet because they recall it as one of the most profound mystery in all of science.
Though physicists & astronomers have not solved the mystery of gravity, they are now asking a new question:
What is the fate of the universe?
Sir Issac Newton was an intelligent physicist and mathematician who lived 300 years ago and came up with Newton's Three Laws of Motion. He realized that there was a force, pulling objects of mass to the ground when he saw an apple fall out of a tree
Who was

Issac Newton?
How Powerful Can Gravity Really Be?
Gravity holds together everything in the entire universe
The sun's gravitational pull keeps the planets, comets, asteroids, meteors, everything in our solar system in orbit because of its enormous size.
States that:
States that:
Force of attraction
between book and Earth
Reaction force of
table on book
Gravity can cause aging!
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