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Charlemagne: The Bad

No description

Angella Li

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Charlemagne: The Bad

Charlemagne: The Bad
Charlemagne & Christianity
-in conclusion...
-Charlemagne did many bad things that were not honourable
-Charlemagne not an entirely bad person
-Christianity wouldn't have survived without him
-was a good military leader

Charlemagne & War
- spent most of his life on war

-went through 30 years of war and 18 battles

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Charlemagne As a Ruler
Who was Charlemagne?

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- King of the Franks- A group of Germanic people

- Responsible for rebuilding Europe through a number of actions, both good and bad

- Came to power from 768-814 CE

- Son of Pepin the Short

How it is speculated that Charlemagne looked
Source: http://www.voyagesphotosmanu.com/charlemagne_france.html
How the Anglo-Saxons might have looked in battle
Source: http://anglosaxonstruth.weebly.com/
-converted his kingdom, full of Saxons, to Christianity using military force

-executed if they weren't baptized, or if they didn't follow Christian traditions

-Christianity was forced on everyone, including the Saxons

- people had no choice

-not how a real Christian would act

-Charlemagne cut down the sacred tree of German Saxons: This was a kind of World Tree for them, a Yggdrasil, in forests near present-day Marburg
A symbol of Christianity: The cross
Source: www.jumonville.org
-was known for his ruthlessness as a ruler

-cruel to his subjects

-very militant

-man who was good at killing

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Who was Charlemagne?
- helped revive the political and social of Europe
-Very important part in European History
- His empire was called Carolingian Empire
- Crowned Emperor of the Romans by Pope Leo III

-turned to violence easy


-skilled horseman
Charlemagne As a Ruler Part 2
Charlemagne & the Saxons
- Charlemagne waged a battle against the Anglo-Saxon people

- people say he slaughtered 4,500 Saxons for no reason during the battles

-these Saxons forced to become Christians, if not, executed
How Charlemagne might've looked going into war

Source: http://www.heritage-history.com/?c=academy&s=char-dir&f=charlemagne
By Nancy, Angella, Julie, and Sam
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