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V for Vendetta

No description

Alex Golab

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of V for Vendetta

The scene I chose to analyze was the Revolution Speech made by V.
V for Vendetta
Directed by James McTeigue

Cinematography: Is the techniques used for camera shots, camera angles, camera movement and lighting.

Adrian Biddle

European Cinematographer of the Year award

Died at 53

Cinematography: Camera Shots
Throughout the Revolution Speech Scene, there was a variety of shots being used

They ranged from long shots, medium shots, close up shots, and full shots.
Full Shot
Long Shot
Long Shot
Medium Shot
Full Shot
Close Up
Camera Angles
Low angle, Medium angle/Eye level, and High angle
Low angle
Medium Angle/Eye Level
High Angle
Camera movement
Some camera movement techniques used throughout this scene were: Panning, Tilting, and the use of the Steadicam.
the camera pivots from side to side fixed on a tripod or base. Used to follow the action of a scene.
Almost identical to panning however it moves vertically instead of horizontally.
Works with a hand held camera to produce steady, jitter free images.
Film Edits
A few Film Edits and Film Transitions that were incorporated in this scene were cuts, wipes, cross-cutting/parallel action, and digital editing.
Cuts are composed of two different shots instantaneously changing location.
Wipes are like a curtain revealing the next shot.
Parallel Action/Cross-Cutting
Parallel Action and Cross-cutting occur when more than one event is going on at the same time. The camera cuts from one shot to another to often show other character's reactions.
Digital Editing
Overall, V for Vendetta is a neo noir.
In this scene there are no vibrant colors
Production Design
Production design includes the design of the sets, costumes, locations, and the placement of props.
Prop Placement
Overall: Conformity
Design of sets
Rack focusing
Everything blurred but the dominant image
refers to all the objects and characters placed in a certain scene
"placing on stage"
By: Alex Golab
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