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Machine to Machine and the long tail

Nicholas Herriot

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of M2M

M2M long tail.... vbuufvhyi Journey starts
here... UK AU ES AUS IR GDSP Network Network
superiority Our Partners... Do they address the long tail? Do we own IP ? Do we contribute to innovation? Do we drive product? Meanwhile ...... the long tail takes off.... 2000 2010 2005 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr First Arduino One SIM to
rule them all
.... Vodafone's
global M2M
Network.. Lets look at the growth of embedded devices .... Over 500,000 units sold in the long tail market in 2012 Who are the innovators? Who are the new startups in this space? 2005 2010 2009 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Two enginners from ARM start the mBed project... On line compiler and tool chain... USB 2'click start
for developers... EDN innovations award 2010 2012 mBed bring their
new cortex'0' device
to market.. 2013? Vodafone brings
connectivity to
the long tail! How big is the market? What can we bring? The future looks bright - but hopefully not orange! mBed cintrion Now down to medium sized deployments Many long tail devices Larger deplyment opportunities .... arduino What's the plan?
Do we have a road map?
Is there a 'big' picture? freeduino bug labs spark fun Intel Comunity portals.... Comunity portals.... A road map... agreed with commercial sponsors... 1 Enablement of LT devices - drivers - connectivity - dev events
- network API's
- porting to other long tail platforms 2 3 4 Allignment with VF BPS long term strategy
"QuickStart" - connecting faster - on device WS* thick client Integration of COSA architecture for long tail.
- Surrogate object model architecture.
- Pairing API's and trials.
- Protocol optimisations for low bandwidth devices.
- Trialing billing models for API's with developers. Developer engagement and selection of M2M innovators and startups.
- competitions
- hackathons

Integration of RPD + modem for Vodafone Specific design.
- arduino + nvidia
- mbed + huawei How do we engage?
Is there a process or model?
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