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Loved to Death

No description

Daquan Blythe

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Loved to Death

Loved to Death
By Daquan Blythe
Lauren Astley
Normal, high school student
Loving and caring
Brutality murder after stressful break-up
Nathaniel Fujita
Star Football player
Quiet and collective
Murderer of his ex-girlfriend
Nathaniel and Lauren started dating freshman year. Nathaniel being Lauren's first boyfriend and unfortunately her last. First off their relationship was very loving and admirable. Then it all turned for the worst as it progressed. Nathaniel started being very protective and clingy. He would check her phone and get upset when she talked to other boys.
Lauren finally gained the courage to break it off senior year and Nathaniel did not take it easily. He went into a deep depression, drinking and doing drugs to help the pain. Weeks later Lauren's truck is found in a beach parking lot windows down and un-locked. Only days later her body was discovered in a near by swamp. She had been strangled to death and endured laceration to her throat several times. After investigation police found that her last call and text message went to her ex boyfriend Nathaniel. Searching his residents they found her blood in his garage, the murder weapon, and his bloody clothes in his attic.
The end verdict
Nathaniel later testified to some of what happened but not to everything. He claimed that it was all a blur and that he was not in his right state of mind. His lawyers furthered out his claim of being mentally ill not being held responsible for his crime. But in the end he was found guilty.

Do you think someone can commit a crime an not remember the actual crime itself?

Do you feel that it's right for the law to allow a murders to not go to go to jail because a doctor says there incompetent?

Could you ever kill someone you love?
Logical Insights
Nathaniel never said why he killed Lauren
He never once stated that he was mentally ill
Lauren never once mentioned to anyone that she was going to see Nathaniel
No one still knows why they met in the first place or what was the topic of discussion
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