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Dentist Career Prezi

No description

Dale Reilley

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Dentist Career Prezi

By Dale Reilley Dentist Career Job Desription Key Objective: Help keep your patients teeth and gums healthy. Degrees and/or Requirements Schooling Salary Work Enviroment Take precautions against diseases Long hours on feet Hours Around 40 a week at least Set own schedules Bachelor's Degree Complete a Dental Degree Program Dental Admission's Test Get your State License North West College San Diego Medical College Californa Surgical Tech. School Career Care Institute 4+ years of schooling required College/University Required Recommended Skills Conversation Starter Procedures They Do Remove tooth decay Corrective surgery on gums and supporting bones to treat gum diseases Straighten teeth Repair fractured teeth Place protective plastic sealants on children’s teeth Examine x rays Fill cavities Frendliness Patience Sense of humor Detail Orientated
$122,782 per year Entry-Level Education 21% (Faster than average; good) $81,220-$116,888 per year Leadership Dental Schools Near US $120,000-$160,000
(4 years) Starting Salary 2013 Median Pay Tutiotion Cost
Job Outlook 2013
DOCTORATE or Professinal Degree $68.62 per hour
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