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Ernst Westerlund

No description

Karolina Wermelin

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of Ernst Westerlund

Vem var Dr. Westerlund?
Svensk läkare
Praktik Enköping
"Aktivitet på recept"
"To be healthy in both body and soul you must, take three things i consideration: your food, your sleep and your activity"

Dr. Westerlunds idéer
Vilja och motivation
Synen på arbete och aktivitet
"Well, this girl needs iron", he once prescribed to a young girl in need of help.

"In what form?" the girl´s anxious mother asked.

"In the form of a flat-iron. She is to work two hours a day ironing"
"A young girl was instructed to play "priffe"
She protested energetically.

"But with my serious personality..."

"Yes, just because of that", answered Dr. Westerlund.
"The patient felt that he was treated as an individual and not as a disease case among others. He viewed the individual as a whole, including her soul as well as her body"
"But doctor, I can´t manage, I can´t do it"
"I didn´t ask you if you can, I just asked you if you wanted to help the boy"

Ernst Westerlund

"the wonder doctor from Enköping"
Hur bevarar vi tankesättet om att se människan som helhet?
A Swedish doctor of occupation.
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