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Dominique Page

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of LinkedIn

LinkedIn's Inception
LinkedIn's Impact
LinkedIn has had a prodigious effect on the professional community and the way they are able to communicate. It has given professionals a better chance of expanding their business and a chance to connect and partner with others to show the world a bigger picture. In the article, Purpose of LinkedIn,
states, "If you're ranking social media networks by how formal they are, LinkedIn surely takes the prize." LinkedIn has definitely changed professional networking for the best.
For A Professional Profile:
Finish your profile
Upload a professional photo
Add key words to the "Specialties"box
Ask for recommendations
Update information regularly
Provide links to online articles, blog posts, etc.
Open yourself to new connections

Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through the site than those with incomplete profiles.
Basis of a LinkedIn Profile
What is LinkedIn?
Connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful.
Presentation of profiles and names are crucial
Built on the premise that businesses are built on relationships and success is built on networks
Represents career experience
Provides option to upload résumé
10 members on launch date
Approx. 100,000+ members after 1 year
Over 225,000,000 after 10 years of service.
Currently over 300,000,000 today.
Key Points
Reid Hoffman has a knack for being involved in successful businesses.
"Always be paranoid"
"Permanent BETA"
Strong personal network during start up
Strong growth after 10 years

Reid Hoffman
Why Do People Use LinkedIn?
Profile Building
Research tool
Buy Products
Stats on LinkedIn
Percentage of women to men - 44% to 56%
Most Popular age bracket - 35 - 54 yr old
21% of users are 18-24
Mostly employees of large companies
12% Finance & Medical fields
Create username/password
Connect with Thomas Hassell
LinkedIn Company Workforce Diversity
39% women, 61% men
Tech- 17% female, 83% male
Web-Wide Statistics
24% men, 19% women
38% college grads
30% Black internet users
22% White internet users
13% Hispanic internet users
Research has shown that LinkedIn profiles have proved more reliable than the typical resume.
Passive/Active Members
Easily comparable profiles
Continual growth
Advantages of LinkedIn
LinkedIn hit 300 million users in 2014
LinkedIn: Connected
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