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Doctor Who

No description

Mari Devereaux

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Doctor Who

Meet The Doctors The Doctor and his TARDIS The BBC
The History of Doctor Who 1st through 11th doctors http://www.cabletv.com/doctor-who-timeline The longest-running science fiction television show in the world Doctor Who Show Timeline William Hartnell
1963–66 Patrick Troughton
1966–69 Jon Pertwee
1970–74 Tom Baker
1974–81 Peter Davison
1981–84 Colin Baker
1984-1986 Sylvester McCoy
1987- 1989 Paul McGann
1996 David Tennant
2005-2010 Current Doctor
Matt Smith
2010- Christopher Eccleston
26 March – 18 June 2005 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Known as: The TARDIS
The Doctor's first companion Susan thought of it's name
Time And Relative Dimension In Space
Bigger on the inside
Time Machine used by time lords
Meant to be driven by six time lords Chameleon feature broken- leaving it blue police box-common in London when Doctor Who created
It's a she
Living being- Idris
Her soul powers the doctor's TARDIS
2 tardis' in the same time and space as another- black hole can occur Inside the TARDIS The Doctor The Sonic Screw Driver-
Can unlock anything
The Doctor's favorite weapon
Often used to calculate and analyze information
Makes odd buzzing noise oldest of the doctors
wary to accept a role in a "children's series"
earned $483.65 an episode
a bit racist
got along well with 1st companion Carole Ann Ford who was Jewish The first doctor quit because of failing health and arteriosclerosis (hardening of arteries)

When he left producers got idea that the doctor, because he's alien could transform, and renew himself. shunned publicity
rarely gave interviews
thought acting was like a magic trick where he could not give away his secrets popular with cast and producers
found schedule grueling, and left Dalek The Daleks are the number 1 enemy of the Doctor. They're the oldest enemy as well. They keep coming back, unlike other enemies of the Doctor.

extraterrestial mutants
tank-like shell
a lot are lost from conflict with Time Lords long ago
why they are so determined to kill the Doctor Cyberman The cybermen have also been around awhile and keep coming back. They are souless humans, with no emotion, trapped inside a robot body. Cybermen are always trying to make all humans like themselves, to join thier improved cyberleague. The only person they can't seem to transfer is the Doctor.

come from race of cyborgs
coldly logical and calculating
humanoid, but upgraded so much, no organic matter left
most have no real brain left, altohough have been tried to preserve
can still work and kill you if dismembered Weeping Angels Don't Blink.

These are by far one of the scariest monsters the doctor faces.

The Angels, as they are commonly known, can only move and attack you when you aren't looking at them, or when it's dark. If they touch you, they can kill you, but they usually send their victims back in time. They feed on that time energy. If two of them look into eachother's eyes, they will freeze, so to prevent this they cover their eyes which gives them a weeping appearance. They can also control a human being and their voice by rearranging the victim's brains.

They have reappeared in several episodes in season seven, also bringing about the death of the Doctor's companions Amy Pond and Roary. The Silence The Silence are a group of religious, mysterious beings who are caught on destroying the Doctor.

They have lived on Earth as long as we have, yet no one remembers them. This is because as soon as you look away from them, you forget you ever saw them. One second you're screaming in horror, the next you're carrying on with what you were doing a minute ago.

They are very persuasive among the human race, as when you look away, even though you forget them, you still obey their words. They used marks on their skin to remind them that they had seen the silence, and how many they had seen. One black mark for one of the silence. Even the Doctor forgets when he has seen a member of the Silence. The only way to truly not forget the Silence, however, is too wear an eyepatch hardwared to the brain so you don't forget- such as the woman below. The Silence were aliens created mainly thinking in the mindset of the masterpiece painting, The Scream, by Edvard Munch. A little also from the ideas in men in black. casted for 5 seasons
longer than predecessors in the role
director's second pick for role
stepped down off role of doctor to resume role in The Bedwinner Fan art from the DoctorWho fansite : A twist on the Dalek's favorite phrase: "Exterminate!" This is how the Daleks see and analyze their surroundings.

They also use them to find a person in their personal database, and determine whether the person is good or bad to their race. usually convert humans to their state of mindlessness by strapping them to special machines
make them join the cyborgs
sometimes kill or take human's brains The Theme of the Show
Doctor Who Doctor Who is a science fiction show about a time lord called the doctor, although many people he encounters ask, doctor WHO? And that's because no one alive knows his name. The doctor has never told it to anyone. He travels back and forward in time in his time machine, called the TARDIS, solving mysteries and saving all sorts of races, though his favorite planet is Earth. He picks certain people on Earth, called his companions to travel through time and space wtih him so he's not lonely.

When the doctor's human form dies, he regenerates and takes another form. This is to work in cast changes. A few facts about the main character on the show:
no one alive knows his name
burnt out race of timelords from planet Gallifrey
regenerates to work out cast changes- every 3-4 years
not called- Doctor who, called The Doctor by companions and aqquaintences
regenerates when hurt or dying
said to only be able to twelve times (currently on 11th regeneration)
quirky, optimistic personality
always finds a way out of situations The Doctor Quotables of the Doctor: The Parts of a Tardis supposed to be educational show originally, with the TARDIS changing to different monuments of the places the Doctor went to
too expensive to redress the TARDIS, so fitted it with Chameleon circuit excuse Music Created By: Ron Grainer
famous Australian composer known for his TV and movie music Show created by

Sydney Newman
Donald Wilson
C.E. Webber on BBC/BBC America
3rd most popular show Saturday - got 8 o clock spot in the US
Not only in London/ America- New Zealand, Canada & Australia
BBC Worldwide's biggest-selling TV show internationally
3rd biggest w/ sales on YouTube after Mad Men and Glee
overall top TV shows by revenue- Top Gear, Doctor Who and Waking the Dead loved 'jelly babies'
would ask enemy, "Do you want a jelly baby?" before he fought them most unpredictable doctor mood-wise
had a darker edge than other doctors
strong moral code- refused to hurt or destroy enemies
vain- still thinks he's the best Doctor
first Doctor to call companions his best friends
first Doctor with K-9 robot dog companion at the time youngest actor to play Doctor
son-in-law David Tennant is 10th incarnation of the doctor married to his daughter Georgia Moffet
felt like he was couped with that role, but didn't renew contract for fear of being typecast
always eating celery
feels like he could do a better job with role now that he's older began in Doctor Who as Commander Maxil- one of few characters to shoot Doctor
1st season interrupted by 18 month hiatus (break) announced by owner BBC said show getting too violent
dismissed from show insistence BBC to freshen up show on the show until it ended 1989
reappeared other episodes and various movies
played the Doctor for a longer "period of time" than any other (because extra time and parts)
a comedy actor- but director changed that- said script and plot was becoming too light
then developed most dark Doctor- darker than any past incarnation
1990 Who readers voted him "best Doctor" over Tom Baker 9.08 million viewers UK
not very successful US
because Fox and Universal could not find anyone to take it- no series until 2005
only on television once w/ doctor who
connector Doctor (back door pilot) to Universal & Fox 1st actor to play role who was born after series started
irritated and messed with by press and interviewers- people said things about him and released papers saying things he supposedly said
left after one series
In a 2010 interview, Eccleston revealed that he left the show because he "didn't enjoy the environment and the culture that the cast and crew had to work in", but that he was proud of having played the role. - Wikipedia began filming late 2005
1st full outing 60 minute special- first broadcast on Christmas day
son-in-law of 5th Doctor Peter Davison- married to Georgia Moffet, his daughter
he's 42- she's 28
Doctor Who his childhood dream
several smaller parts in show before the Doctor
second special with two Doctors- Peter and David- Children in Need
Georgia appeared with 10th doctor in episode The Doctor's Daughter Can only get in if Tardis lets you- no army or force can get in
Doctor stole her, Idris says she left doors open 4 him she was the only one mad enough and she needed timelord to see the universe
transformed human form 1 episode
unknown number of rooms
infinite in size
new rooms generated when needed
doctor can rearrange rooms when needed
we’ve heard of living quarters, an ancillary power station disguised as an art gallery, a study, a greenhouse, bathroom, a telescope, a baby room, a toy room, a library, a swimming pool, a medical bay, squash courts, and several brick-walled storage areas Doctor who most famous role
his line of work is 2003 to present
aspired to be football star
quit from spondylosis- joint problem in spine causes muscle pains & inability to move- he got a serious back injury
Matt quotes: "The Doctor is excited and fascinated by the tiniest of things. By everything. By every single thing. That's what's wonderful about him as a character. It's why children like him, I think. Because he doesn't dismiss anything. He's not cynical. He's open to every single facet of the universe." Matthew Robert Smith
5' 11"
one sister- Laura Jayne Smith- she’s a professional dancer
28 October 1982 (age 30)
Nothhampton, Northamptonshire, England
dating model Daisy Lowe
says will play doctor until 2014
will quit as Time Lord next year to try his luck in Hollywood always puts companions before himself
tendency to get into trouble with cases and situations- always has to solve the mystery and save the day
hates to see companions hurt or aging- doesn't like goodbyes Enemies of the doctor Thanks for Watching! Check out more Doctor Who epidsodes on Netflix and Amazon to get a better idea of the show. Or go to your BBC America channel at 8 o'clock on Saturday to check out current episodes or re-runs. Latest episode- The Name of the Doctor. http://www-secure.easybib.com/key/0b48da 50th anniversary trailer
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