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French vs. Mexican Revolution

No description

Kassy Ramirez

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of French vs. Mexican Revolution

French Vs. Mexican By: Fatima Salas & Kassy Ramirez French Revolution Mexican Revolution How it began French Revolution Timeline How it began Mexican Revolution Timeline Facts About Timeline The French Revolution was a period of radical, social and political upheavals in France that had a massive impact on the French History.
It lasted from 1789 through 1799
The absolute monarchy that had ruled France for centuries collapsed within three years The Mexican Revolution started in 1910, with an uprising, led by Francisco against porfirio Diaz
Over time the revolution changed from a revolt against the established order to a multi-sided civil war
Its one of the greatest upheavals of the 20th century Economic factors such as hunger and malnutrition, were in most of the population, this was due to rising bread prices.
the third estate was unhappy with the first and second estate
they were taxed to high by their king june 20th, 1789- Tennis Court Oath
july 14th, 1789- Storming of Bastille
august 26th, 1789- Declaration of the Rights of Man
june 20th, 1791- Louis XVI tries to escape
january 21, 1793- Execution of Louis XVI and more wars
Napoleon comes to power from 1804-1815
november 10, 1799- End of the french Revolution
r 1910; Díaz runs for reelection but when Francisco I. Madero enters the race, he has Madero put in jail and wins the election. Madero escapes to San Antonio, TX, where he drafts the Plan of San Luis Potosí that calls for the overthrow of the Díaz regime.
1911; Madero wins election to the Mexican presidency
1917; A new Mexican Constitution is drafted and Carranza is elected president
1920; Obregón is elected president of México The Tennis Court Oath was a pledge signed signed by 576 of thr 577 members from the Third Estates-General on June 20th 1789, The only person who did not sign was Joseph Martin-Dauch
The Storming Of Bastille was led by Amaria Cahila and were mainly seeking to acquire the large quantities of arms and ammunition stored at the Bastille
The royal family tried to escaped but got captured and brought back to paris
Later on the king and queen were killed by the Guillotine
Guillotine was invented by Dr. Jospeh Guillotine
Napoleon went into power then was later exiled to the island of Elba, which he escaped there and went back to France, then was later exiled to the island of St. Helen which he stayedand later died there In the beginning, Diaz had great intentions for Mexico, to create a more stable government
As Mexico grew, structually and economically, foreign films invested in the area
The money from the films helped diaz build highways, railroads, and oil fields
Although these helped build up Mexico they were also part of diaz destruction
The people in power became wealthy and the rest poor
Both rich and poor no longer wanted the foreign investments Madero's death When madero became president it didnt last for long
Maderos plan was to please everyone so he didnt take any action
The U.S. felt that madero was too closely related to the revolutionaries and did not support him
On February 22, 1913 Madero was killed for trying to escape. Similarities And Differences They Both had rulers
They both over powered their government
both at war
Both had powerful governments they took place in different years
one was president one was kinbg
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