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World War II

No description

Adam Long

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of World War II

World War II Causes, World at War, & Effects Causes WWI: Treaty of Versailles -> Great Depression & bitterness M.A.I.N. Causes Militarism: Alliance System: Arms race
Glorify military and warfare League of Nations was ineffective
Nations create alliances M.A.I.N. Causes Continued Imperialism: Germany, Japan, & Italy building new Empires. Nationalism: Extreme pride in your nation Caused tension with other Nations Spanish Civil War Aggression & Appeasement Fascist Aggression, Japanese Empire, & The Policy of Appeasement Fascist Revolution against Democratic Gov't Testing ground for new weapons Italy and Germany support Franco
U.S.S.R. supports Government Depression & bitterness help bring dictators to power Dictators are instrumental in causing WWII Italian Empire Italy wanted Empire after WWI
Got little in Treaty of Versailles
1934- Seized Ethiopia
Caused international tension. Japanese Empire Manchuria 1931 China 1937 Japan Joins Italy & Germany Western Europe condemned Empire Resources, Markets, & Living Space American Isolationism Did not join League of Nations avoiding military, political, or economic involvement with foreign nations Isolationism: United States: Appeasement Anschluss 1938: Germany annexes Austria Led by General Francisco Franco
Germany & Italy build up armies
Worries most of Europe Tension between alliances
Axis Powers vs Allied Powers Created intense Rivalries Ignored Dictators' aggression
Might have helped avoid war but didn't Munich Conference 1938: 1939 Hitler seizes Czechoslovakia Stalin and Hitler 1939 Soviet-Nazi non-aggression pact: Stalin and Hitler's secret agreement
Won't fight each other
"Peacefully" split Poland in two Britain and France let Hitler take the Sudetenland
Hitler agreed not to take Czechoslovakia Convinced Hitler that Britain & France won't stand up to him Invasion of Poland September 1939: Germany invades Poland A policy of making concessions to an aggressor in order to avoid war Britain & France declare war on Germany Britain & France pledge to support Poland Blitzkrieg: German military strategy
"Lightning war"
Quickly overrun enemies with new tech World War II Causes, World at War, Effects Allied Powers: Britain
France U.S.S.R.
United States Later... Axis Powers: Germany
Japan V-E Day What is it? Victory in Europe Day
Day of German unconditional surrender When was it? May 8th, 1945 Why did it happen? Allies close in on Berlin
Hitler committed suicide
Admiral Donitz surrenders Germany V-J Day What? Victory over Japan Day
Unconditional Surrender When? September 2nd 1945 Why? U.S. dropped Atomic bombs Aug. 6th Hiroshimi
Aug. 9th Nagasaki Costs of War Human: 60 million people dead Roughly 50% were civilians 50 million+ left homeless Property: Cities of Europe in ruins London, Stalingrad, Warsaw Countless homes and farms are destroyed Post War Politics and Governments U.S.S.R. After the war, the U.S.S.R. remained in control of most of Eastern Europe An “independent” nation which is actually controlled by another nation Satellite Nation: Examples: Poland
Romania Restoration of Democracies & Republics Governments restored after WWII France
Netherlands Soviets have Eastern Europe
Democracies reign in West Iron Curtain: Boundary between the two groups known as Iron Curtain Occupation of Japan U.S. occupied Japan Democratic government reinstated Revitalized economy Tried several Military & Political leaders for war crimes Occupation of Germany After the war Germany is split into 4 occupation zones
Capital city of Berlin is also split up
Eventually becomes two Germanys Federal Republic of Germany- West Germany- Republic
German Democratic Republic- East Germany- Communist Nuremberg Trials Nazi Political, Military, & Medical Leaders put on trial by the Allies for two major charges
1. Crimes against Humanity
2. War Crimes Several top Nazi's like Karl Brandt were executed, others like Karl Donitz were jailed http://history1900s.about.com/library/holocaust/aa052998.htm Political Changes United Nations: Created 1945
International assembly whose main purpose is to peacefully settle disputes Nations gaining independence: India
Many other African Nations Tension grows between the Allies, especially the U.S.S.R. & U.S. over which vision for the future, communism or capitalism should take root in Europe Cold War
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