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Wellesley College

Mrs. Bond's 7th Grade Homeroom College Selection Presentation

Carla Mae Phillips

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Wellesley College

W omen Rule. Commitment to Women
-Wellesly, with its all female student body, is known for the thousands of accomplished, thoughtful women it has sent out into the world for over 100 years--women who are committed to making a difference. E nvied Environment. A Widely Envied Campus Environment
-Wellesly, with its breathtaking natural
environment, is distinguished for its
physical setting in the classically New England town of Wellesley, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. L eveled Courses. 300 Level Requirement
-In addition to 100 and 200 level courses,
you need at least four 300 level classes to
graduate from Wellesley. Two of these
must be in your major and two must be
completed during your junior and senior years. L earn Science by Doing Science. First-year Seminars
-Courses like Extrasolar Planet Research, Plate Tectonics, and Physics of Music allow students to "learn science
by doing science."
Wellesley has its
own 24" research
telescope and makes every effort to get students out into nature to experience science. E xceptional Education and Academics. Transformative Educational Experience
-Wellesley's lively academic community
places high value on rigorous, probing inquiry,
and creative, cross-discipline
thinking. It's collaborative
approach to scholarship
encourages students to question,
debate, and refine their points of view. S tudy Abroad. Semester or Year Abroad
-About half of Wellesley's
students spend a semester or year abroad in order to gain language skill, develop a new perspective on their majors, or take courses not available at Wellesley. These programs take place in Austria, England, France, Japan, Korea, Mexico and Spain. L eisure Pursuits. Student Life
-Wellesley's student body is
extremely diverse. Less than
half of students are Caucasian,
and there is a significant
number of Asian, Latina and
African-American students. Students come from over 60 countries and all 50 states. The ladies bond outside of the classroom by participation in sports, cultural groups, the arts, politics, and the famous "midnight breakfasts." E xtensive Choices. oung Adults Become World-Ready Women. Y Program and Major Selections
-Wellesley's offers 52 majors ranging from Philosophy to Geoscience to Medieval Studies. All Wellesley graduates must complete 32 units of credit with required courses in writing, foreign language, quantitative reasoning, and multicultural studies. Because it is a liberal arts college, students take many courses outside their major to become well-rounded women. One of the Best Colleges in the United States
-Wellesley is ranked in the top ten for liberal arts colleges in the nation. A Wellesley education fosters the highest standard of readiness for the "real world"
in its graduates,
in terms of ability
to think, act, and
contribute meaningfully and effectively in their chosen areas of interest.
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