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Newsboys during the industrial Revolution

No description

lisa ricanek

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Newsboys during the industrial Revolution

Newsboys during the industrial Revolution
Where and how they lived
The newsies were homeless some slept in cabins that they had to pay for. The newsies would sleep during the day. They worked all night long. Some got tired and would fall asleep on stairs and trolly's.
Hardships they faced
The newsies were faced with deadly disesase they could get. They also were faced with older drunk people cussing at them. Some of the newsboys would risk there life to work.
Role in society
Newsboys would come around during the night delivering newspapers.
What they wore
Newsies were very poor so they didnt have nice clothes. They wore oversized jackets, short pants, long black stockings, a shirt, and a cap.
How much did they get payed
Newsboys were payed very little. In some places the newspapers were sold for one cent. Newsies had to borrow money from other people. If newsboys didn't sell any newspapers that day they wouldn't have made a profit.
Good things about newsboys
One good thing about being a newsboys is that you dont have to work in a factory around dangerous machine. Another good thing about being a newsboys is that there are many different jobs that a newsboy could do.
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