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Korean War Memorial: Olivia Mendoza

No description

Olivia Mendoza

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of Korean War Memorial: Olivia Mendoza

What we will see...
The significance of the location...
Question #1
Question #2
Korean War Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Question #3
The Korean Veterans War Memorial is located in the National Mall. The elements of the memorial are dedicated to those who served during the Korean War.
Pool of Remembrance
The Wall of Remembrance
19 stainless steel statues
You will also see the "Freedom is not Free" saying.
The memorial was dedicated on July 27, 1995.
The memorial is there to honor and remember those who served during the three-year period.
For a more integral part in honor of those who died world wide the Korean War Honor Roll was established.
This location is important because we need to remember those who have served and fought for innocent people like us. We need to commemorate these people because many lost lives for those they have never met, and they fought for what they believed in. We also visit this to show respect for these men and women.
When was the memorial dedicated?
July 27, 1995
What is offered for those who have died world wide during the war?
The Korean War Honor Roll
What is one thing you will see on the trip?
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