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Act II Scene VI

No description


on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Act II Scene VI

Explain what the advice friar Laurence offers to romeo in lines 9-15. how does this advice highlight the components of a Shakespearean tragedy?
Act II Scene vi
Cameron Sheehan, Matthew Reynolds, Donovan Adams

Explain what friar Laurence means when he says, "So smile the heavens upon this holy act that after-hours with sorrow child us not."
He means "May heaven smile upon this holy ceremony, and may sorrow never punish us for it in days to come."
She has true love for romeo.
Scene IV represents which stage of Freytag 's pyramid for plot?
The stage in the Freytag pyramid is rising action.

Romeo & Juliet
Summarize the major events in scene 6

Friar Laurence warns romeo to be more sensible with his love.
Romeo and Juliet confess their love for each other and prepare to get married.
Friar compares romeo to gunpowder and the fire that ignites it.
Paraphrase Juliet's opinion of her love in lines 30-34. how has her character changed from act 2 one scene 2?
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