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Academic Advising at Collin College

No description

Collin College

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of Academic Advising at Collin College

Advising Mission
Collin College Academic Advising engages, challenges and supports students in achieving their educational goals through academic planning and resource referral. Our purpose is to empower students by providing an environment that promotes self-directed learning through a collaborative relationship between the advisor and student.
Who is my academic advisor?
Read and respond to your CougarMail regularly
Image by Tom Mooring
Academic Advising at Collin College
Your Academic Advisor will...
Working with an Advisor
How do I meet with my academic advisor?
What can my academic advisor do for me?
You, the student, will...
Assist you as you learn the skills to make decisions and plan your academic progress to achieve your goals
Maintain Confidentiality
Share information about resources and services on campus and how to effectively use them
Encourage, guide and support you as a Collin College student
Understand and effectively communicate program requirements for completion
Commit to continual professional development and training to learn the best practices for academic planning
Initiate meetings with your Academic Advisor
Become knowledgeable about Collin College academic programs and choose the one that is right for you
Learn next steps in your academic plan and keep records of your progress
Become knowledgeable about Collin College recourses and use them when necessary
Not use your cell phone in Advising Meetings
(for personal issues)
Participate in Advising by clarifying your goals, providing accurate information and learning next steps
Degree Plans & Programs
Academic Programs
Associate of Arts (AA)
Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT)
Associate of Science (AS)
Field of Study (Business, Communication, Music, Criminal Justice)
Field of Study (Engineering, Computer Science)
Degree Plans & Programs
Workforce Programs
Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Professional Certification/Licensure Preparation
Occupational Skills Award
Core Curriculum
6 credit hours of English Composition
3 credit hours of Mathematics
8 credit hours of Life/Physical Sciences
3 credit hours of Language, Philosophy, Culture
3 credit hours of Creative Arts
6 credit hours of American History
6 credit hours of Government
3 credit hours of Social/Behavioral Sciences
6 credit hours of Collin Option
includes 3 credit hours of speech (see worksheet for more details)
Course Numbers
The first number in the course represents the level of the course (freshman or sophomore)
301 is a freshman level course.
301 is a sophomore level course.
The second number in the course represents how many credits will be earned.
01 is a 3 credit hour course.
06 is a 4 credit hour course.
Letter grades are translated into numerical values
and quality points are generated to compute your GPA.
ENGL 1301 A 4 gpts x 3 hrs = 12 qpts
MATH 1414 B 3 gpts x 4hrs = 12 qpts
SPCH 1311 C 2 gpts x 3 hrs = 6 qpts
30 quality points ÷ 10 credit hours = 3.0 GPA
Your GPA
Degree Audit & TransferU
Degree Audit
Login to Cougarweb
Degree Audit link

Transfer guides for Texas
Course equivalency charts
Pre-Admission Partnerships

Courses offered are 1 - 4 credits each:

Full-time: 12+ credit hours
12 hours of class time + 24 hours of study time (2 hours per credit hour)
= 36 hours of class and study time per week

Part-time: 11 credit hours or fewer
Should I be a full-time
or part-time student

Number of hours worked per week

Type & difficulty level of classes

Amount of homework & outside reading



Family situation

Course Registration Tips
What is
the CRN?
What about
Honors Courses?
Can I join a learning community?
What campus is my class on?
How do I sign up for
my science class?
How do I tell if it
is a blended/
hybrid/online or
express course?
Start preparing now for registration!
Drop/Withdraw Tips
Refunds vary based on the dates
Withdrawals are done through CougarWeb for students that do not have holds
Add/drop/switch on first day requires 30% out of pocket fees
Limit of 6 withdrawals
Important Deadlines
Do You Have Holds?
Mandatory Advising: placed on a student's account when he/she is not at college level courses in all subjects (reading,writing and math)

Log into cougarweb
Click on the student tab
Click on Mandatory Advising hold survey
Once survey is complete, that hold is lifted for that semester
Federal law to protect students’ records

Allows college to release directory information without student’s consent

Students may request in writing that their directory information not be released request with Admissions & Records

Remains in effect until canceled in writing

Anyone requesting non-directory information on a student must have written authorization including:
Student’s name
Records to be released & name of person to whom they can be released
Student’s signature and date

FERPA applies once you begin attending classes at Collin
Come See Us!
Maximizing Academic Progress Program(MAPP)
Students below an overall/cumulative 2.0 GPA (grade point average)
Unsatisfactory Progress: placed on a student's account when her/his overall/cumulative grade point average (GPA) is not a 2.0 or above

See an Advisor
Academic Warning
Academic Probation
Academic Suspension ( 1 year)
Family Education Rights & Privacy Act
Check your holds via CougarWeb right on your Student Tab in the Mandatory Training & Holds Information section!
To complete the AA/AS degree you must also fulfill
the following requirements:
AA-3 credit hours of English Literature
AS-3 credit hours of Mathematics
15-18 credit hours of electives
or field of study
Or just use a GPA Calculator!
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