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Integrated Marketing

Integration Marketing Presentation

Jon Burgess

on 12 January 2012

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Transcript of Integrated Marketing

Communicate Value
& Build Relationships Traditional Marketing 1. Linking Sales Cycle to Decision-Making Cycle Advertising Marketing Public Relations Promotions Direct Marketing Social Media IInteractive Marketing 2. Goal = Make $ Branding Social Marketing Advert : To turn attention to Propoganda : the deliberate spreading of information, Public Relations : the condition of the relationship between an organization and the public Search Engine Marketing SEM Search Engine Marketing SEO Market - goods or services being sold to someone who wants them. 3. Process = Technology Integrated Marketing Search Engine Marketing Online Advertising Website Display Advertising PPC - Pay Per Click Contextual Advertising (Google AdWords) RSS Feeds Blogs Online Press Releases Social Media Reputation Management Mobile 1. Content is King! 2. You Need Authority 3. Clean code, your site
needs to be readable. PageRank Natural Search Video Print Direct Mail Email Jon Burgess twitter.com/jonburgess jon@redfusionmedia.com 909-798-7092 FREE TIP!! Send PR to News@InlandEmpire.US TV ads, up 27.8%
Spanish TV, up 11.9%
Internet Display ads, up 7.7%
Outdoor ads, up 7.3%
Free-standing inserts, up 6.7% Print & Newspapers, declined 2.9% Integrated Marketing Tracking, Tracking, Tracking. Automation. 1994 Execution www.RedFusionMedia.com how far we've come
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