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Peripheral Nervous System

Week 2

Cassie Richards

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Peripheral Nervous System

Sympathetic Nervous System
-uses spinal nerves to ready body for action

Parasympathetic Nervous System
-uses cranial nerves and sacral spinal nerves to get the body back to a resting state Test yourself... Quickly think to yourself whether the following are part of the sympathetic or parasympathetic systems? spinal nerves send information to and from the brain through sensory/motor feedback Somatic Nervous System Peripheral
System Autonomic Nervous System cranial nerves link sensory receptors and feedback to the brain; motor control of certain movements 1) pupils dilate, inhibit tears
2) bladder empties
3) salivation
4) heart pumps faster
5) sexual arousal facilitated
6) lungs open
7) stomach & intestines digest food Some things happen in the sympathetic system ONLY:
-adrenal and sweat glands activated
-liver stimulates the release of glucose for the body to use for energy
-blood vessels constrict to increase force and cause rapid circulation
-hair follicles stand up
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