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A to Z Facts of New Jersey

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Jackson Brooks

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of A to Z Facts of New Jersey

Lets start off with entertainment. The main center for arts is the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. It opened in 1997 and it is located in Newark, New Jersey. Off to Number 2. (Berris, 24)
B is for bird
Lets talk about the flyers of New Jersey. The state bird for New Jersey is the eastern goldfinch. It has yellow feathers and it likes to eat sunflower seeds. That concludes it for birds.(Mousel)
C is for climate
We are going to talk about the heat and humidity in New
Jersey. The weather in New Jersey is mostly hot and humid. But, the mid ocean currents cause the weather to drop down to about 31 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature in July ranges from 70 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. OK lets move on.
(Berris, 8)
D is for dining
his is about the yummy food in New Jersey. Most of the food they get comes from the Atlantic Ocean. They have a variety of foods including: Portugese, Spanish, and Brazilian. Doesn't that sound good. (Department of New jersey)
A to Z Facts of New Jersey
A is for arts
E is for explorers
F is for family
This paragraph is about explorers. The first European to see New Jersey's coast is John Cabot. In 1524 Giovanni da Verruzano explored the coast. He also charted it. They were smart people. (Berris, 17)
There are lots of thing to do in New Jersey. New Jersey has lots of amusement parks and state and national parks. There are things to do like biking, water sports, and surfing. Once again there are lots of things to do in New Jersey (New Jersey)
G is for Goods

Lets talk about the goods of New Jersey.
Their nickname is called The Nations Medicine Chest. You want to know why? Well, they are the leading producers of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Pharmaceutical and medical companies contribute $20,000,000,000 every year to New Jerseys economy. That's a lot! (Berris, 14)
H is for horse
New Jersey's state animal is the Equus Caballus horse. In 1977 they announced it was official that that type of horse was their official state animal. Also, about 888 of 4654 horses in New Jersey are racing. That's pretty good. (Mousel)
I is for Industry
We are going to discuss a big topic in New Jersey. Leather tanning, jewelry, and shoe manufacturing is what Newark, New Jersey is well known for. New Jersey was the leader in technology in the 20th century. Why I said this was a big topic is because industry makes most of their economy. (Berris, 13)
J is for Jersey city
The first city to talk about!
It has a really pretty state park which you can see the statue of Liberty from. You can take your family to see the Liberty Science Center. There are also many more attractions to see. (State of New Jersey)
K is for killer shark attacks
There are some downsides of going to New Jersey. Like, in 1916 5 people were injured from a shark attack. But, there are people there to tell you where they have seen sharks. Another attack occurred in 1916. A victim of a shark attack lost both of his legs. Whew! Got that over with. (Gambino)
L is for Land
New Jersey, in my opinion has a wonderful landscape. It is home to many animals. It is made up of a couple distinct land regions from mountains to marshy. Its highest point is 1803 feet above sea level! That's a lot! (Berris, 8)
M is for Missionaries
Missionaries! In 1609 the Dutch ship, Halfmoon, carried English explorer Henry Hudson and his sailors to present day New Jersey. When he got there he claimed his territory and named it New Netherland. The new Dutch settlement moved onto that land. (Berris, 17)
N is for Native Americans
We are going to talk about some old people. The Native Americans resided on land which is now New Jersey. Later, it was taken over by the Delaware Indians. For food the Native Americans hunted mammoths and other animals. (Berris, 16)
O is for Occupation
Most of New Jersey's jobs deal with health. But, they also do architecture and engineering. Like other states they transport goods to other places. (US Burea)
P is for plants
New Jersey is 2/5 forests. Kinds of trees in the Woodland area include: hickory, oak, red maple, and hemlock. To make their land even more pretty they have flowers. Their flowers include: honey suckles, goldenrods, buttercups, and Queen Anne's Luce. (Berris, 10)
Q is for Quick Facts
These are very quick and brief facts of New Jersey. So, Their population in people is 8,864,590. 73.8% of their race is white. They have 472,716 veterans that served in the war. (US Census)
R is for Recreation
These are some events that are going to occur in New Jersey. Super Bowl XLVIII and Wrestlemania 29 will be held at Metlife stadium.
On Boardwalk there is the Atlantic City Air Show to go and see. There is also a hot air balloon show to see! Its name is the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning.
S is for sports
New Jersey is home to many different sports teams, but we're only going to talk about the main ones. So, first we have the New York Giants one of their NFL football teams. (The other one is the Philidelphia Eagles). Second, we have the New Jersey Devils Their Hockey team. Lastly, the Giants won the Super Bowl in 1987 and 1991. (Berris, 20)
T is for tourism
Atlantic City is one of New Jersey's most popular destinations. One of their other main attracyions is their Boardwalk. It includes family attractions, restaraunts, and other things to do. Another thing to do in New Jersey is to see houses that were built in the 1700s. (Berris, 12)
U is for Unemployment
The number of unemployment increased by 68,000 in the end of Dec. 7. The total of unemployment is 368,000 people. But last week it was 300,000. (Berris, 12)
V is for vacation
Some of the nice hotels and motels sit along beaches. All of the hotels have free breakfeast. Only some of the hotels allow animals in them. (Trenton)
W is or Wine
In a total there are 40 wineries in New Jersey. Sometimes, like on hollidays, they host events at one. In New Jersey there are 6 wine trails. (State)
X is for X-mas
On December 15 every year Cranbury Christmas Lights has a display. In their display they have exactly 100,000 lights. They play over 15 songs also during the display. (Cranbury)
Y is for youth
New Jersey holds lots of things to do. Some of those things include going to water parks to swim and going to amusement parks to ride rides. Also, there are other outdoor activities to do. Finally, they have entertainment like going to shows. (kids)
Z is for Zoo
There are zoos to visit in New Jersey. One of the zoos holds more than 500 animals. New Jersey holds the worlds largest drive thru zoo with 1200 animals. The zoo of Cape May holds more than 500 species of animals. (state)
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