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Legacy of Ancient China:

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Chelsea Tran

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Legacy of Ancient China:

Legacy of Ancient China:


One of the
"Four great Inventions" of China

Where and when was gunpowder invented? Who invented it?
Chinese Taoist alchemists were the driving force behind the invention of gunpowder in the 9th century

This all started when Emperor Wu Di of the Han Dynasty employed alchemists to research the secrets of immortality

These alchemists experimented with sulphur and saltpetre, combining them with charcoal and an explosive called huoyao (gunpowder) was created
What is gunpowder? How does it work?
The majority of gunpowder is composed of potassium nitrate and smaller equal amounts of charcoal and sulphur

The bang in gunpowder is from the sudden generation of pressure within an enclosed space

Then a small amount of solid material is converted into gas, producing pressure bursting the container and the explosion is produced
Why was gunpowder invented? What are its uses?
Gunpowder was used in gun cartridges to expel and propel bullets to injure the enemy

Fields have also used gunpowder from bullets to cauterise wounds to stop severe blood loss and to close amputations in battles
Why is gunpowder important in Ancient Chinese History?

It helped Ancient China's entertainment industry by decorating the stage and creating an atmosphere in performances such as puppet shows, acrobats and fireworks

The second invention that gunpowder took part in was the gun, the gun would pierce through protective armor and played an important role in battles

The use of gunpowder was traditionally believed to scare away evil spirits from the fire and loud noise
By Chelsea Tran
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