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Field Experience: Final Report

No description

Kimberly Harper

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Field Experience: Final Report

Field Experience: Final Report
My Placement
West Madison Elementary School
3rd Grade
Departmentalized into Reading, Math, Science/Social Studies
Selected case study student with help from mentor teacher & reading teacher
Kaden Smith*

* name changed to maintain confidentiality
Kaden Smith
Excited to work with me overall - felt special
Got to know him better
Sweet, sensitive personality
Loves animals and sports
Based on GWL & leveled passages, Kaden is on grade level
Noticed weaknesses in area of reading comprehension, particularly in analyzing the story and using critical thinking skills
Further Intervention
Kaden did better over time as I worked with him.
He could still use more help and intervention with his reading comprehension.
While he can decode and re-tell a story perfectly, he has issues connecting and answering more open-ended questions that require higher order of thinking.
Kaden needs to be continually challenged to make connections to the text that are beyond "the main character is a boy and I'm a boy, too".
He should be able to access his background knowledge and prior experiences to make meaningful and authentic connections to texts he encounters.
Kaden will have to continue to work on answering questions that are divergent and require thinking.
With more practice and modeling from adults in his life, he will be on his way to being a super reader!
Kaden consistently would not answer "interpretive" questions - often times with a "I don't know".
First, figured out if it was simply with written text or if he struggled with oral comprehension skills as well.
I would tell Kaden a story and have him re-tell the story back to me. He could easily re-tell story.
Next, I would ask him to answer a "why" question. This is where the problem was.
He began to talk through questions with him after reading or telling a story.
Scaffold him to higher order of thinking
Relate to his life
Scraped knee passage
"Why was Jim afraid to tell the teacher he had scraped his knee?"
I continued to work with him and different texts.
Activating background knowledge
Connecting the story to himself and the world
"I don't know" is an unacceptable answer
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