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No description

Erika Parra

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Supernatural

The Other
Monsters Demons Angels
Few special cases
useful(much more common)
"harmless"(pretty much never)
Kill first, ask questions never.
Both have trouble understanding nonhumans as individuals
Monster Friends
only three ever and two died
business relationship
trouble sympathizing/trusting
Real Life Examples
People are often quick to judge without considering the other side of the story.

Internet comments
Modern racism: negative attitudes towards blacks/hispanics
Blaming the poor for their poverty
Accusing gay people of choosing to be gay
Issues with Religion
Disbelief in God
Respect for Religion

Traditional Family
Seeking what is now lost to technology
Escaping the pain/inviroment
Hunting/Video games
Discussion Questions
Are Dean and Sam justified in hunting?
Do the writers of the show promote a positive, negative, or neutral view of religion?
Why do people enjoy this show when it is often depressing?
to believe in something makes it real
Even playing field
fictionalize everything
Almost dysfunctional
Dean becoming the "Rock"

Fear of living alone
Sam (not looking for Dean)
Father Figure/ Father
sam and dean had a father but he didnt
fulfilll his role as a father.
Faith in Other Higher Powers
Heaven constantly demanding unquestioned obedience from Sam and Dean
Sam and Dean say "screw 'em"
angels describe themselves as soldiers
clear angel hierarchy
disconnect between angels and humans
angel vs. angel problems
Even Castiel turns his back against Heaven
Lots of other gods
Team Free Will
Similar to how Frankenstein and Neville view their respective "monsters"
Family, you have to earn it
The End
Thank You!

The Forensic Gothic: Knowledge, the Supernatural, and the PsychicDetective by Ann McGuire, David Buchbinder
real anxieties manifest as monsters and ghosts
notion of family and "normal" are often synonymous
After 9/11, sense that tradition and familiar "were becoming unfixed and unstable"
family is presented as "nostalgic, lost ideal."
"At one level, the trope of the family is clearly both a metaphor for and a metonym of thenation and the disarray and continuing disruption caused by the threat of international terrorism. While both series foreground the family, whether as present structure or lost ideal, each also manifests an anxiety around the dissolution of the border that notonly constitutes ‘‘the family’’ but separates it from the apparently chaotic, formless, boundary-less world outside the family."
Sam and Dean are the "guardians of the nation", protecting us from the unseen evils, and reinforcing traditional All-Americaness
Supernatural domesticates horror and anxiety much in the same way the evemts of 9/11 have been domesticated by "being reworked in formal ways as tragedy, biography, and history."
Not Trusted
Eventually became like a brother
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