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Autism Seminar

Three main points I gleaned from Seminar this semester

Kaitlyn Schena

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Autism Seminar

Autism SPECTRUM Disorder Why do we assume
a normal distibution? Why even assume
the spectrum is
linear? Ignoring SO much
of the spectrum Ignorance about autism
is like being color blind Autism is more of
our population now
so it is important
to be aware Special Interests Annoying to hear about? So was your day at work but you keep talking about it. Let's turn them into jobs. -Daryl Hannah
-Dan Akroyd
-Satoshi Tajiri, creator
of Pokémon
-Marty Balin (Jefferson
Airplane) Unoriginal Ideas? Eragon Star Wars + Lord of the Rings Meet Harry Potter Chronicles of Narnia + The Labyrinth Siblings of the Autistic Does it make life harder? That's what siblings do. Autism, asperger's, little sisters, older brothers, they all have their ups and downs. LOVE
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