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School Improvement Plan

No description

Eleni C

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of School Improvement Plan

JHS 13 School Improvement Plan Presented by: Eleni Chronas Tarek Alamarie, Measurable Objective 3: By June 2014, the number of student suspensions and behavioral infractions will decrease by 10%. Developing teams that are skill based and providing support through SAM.

August Pre-planning for administration

Inquiry team roles and responsibilities

Ongoing supports (SAM) Priority Goal #1: To Increase student achievement in Mathematics in all grades (6-8) Measurable Objective 1: By June 2014, students reaching proficiency in Mathematics will increase by 10% as measured by the New York State Mathematics Test Results from Data Analysis Review Priority Goal #3: To create a consistently safe and respectful culture. Evaluation of Goal STRENGTHS Inquiry teams in place which allows for collaboration in the school
Staff is already implementing strategies to effectively analyze data
Common Planning Periods
Made AYP in Science
92% Attendance Rate WEAKNESSES Only 16% performing on grade level in ELA

Only 20% performing on grade level in Math

Overall score on Progress Report was a D, including an F for student progress, and C's for Student Performance and School Environment Inquiry Teams ACTION STEPS Adopt SAM inquiry model school-wide
Purchase and implement Castle Learning
Meaningful Professional Development
Purchase Skedula, implement parent training/workshops, and initiate parent monthly newsletter. Support for Math Achievement 1. Using software and data for differentiated instruction
a-Castle learning and benchmark assessments
2. Incorporating tools to monitor student progress
a-Aris and Skedula
3. Utilize Common planning time to
a-Collaborate with colleagues about benchmark results and item analysis
b-Reflect and Revise instruction
c-Attend Professional Development 4. Provide Meaningful Professional Development in high leverage areas such as -

- Webb's Depth of Knowledge and/or Bloom's Taxonomy
- Data driven instruction
- Differentiated instruction strategies in mathematics
- Strategies for targeting the lowest third
- Student centered teaching and learning WEAKNESSES Safety Issues are of Concern
20% suspension rate
Only 30% of teachers feel discipline and order are maintained

Parents would like a more precise feedback loop. Only get monthly progress reports, but does not provide information on behavior, academic performance or next steps. Bi-annual teacher survey to assess the SAM method of inquiry

Inquiry reports and data

Baseline/Benchmarks/Standardized assessments
Student Portfolio

Formal and informal observations

Data accumulation and analysis from Castle Learning SKEDULA
Skedula is an all-inclusive data analysis tool that gathers information from all NYCDOE systems like ATS, STARS, ARIS, and realtime classroom data.
Includes a messaging system which would allow for two-way communication between parents and staff, as well as between staff. Parent Workshops Parent training at the start of the year on how to use Skedula

School will offer monthly Workshops in the following areas-
* How to make the home environment homework
* Family Literacy and it's impact on student achievement
* How to access resources available in the school and community to support student academic, physical, and emotional growth. Parent Monthly Newsletter Parent coordinator, in conjunction with major subject lead-teachers, will meet monthly to create parent newsletters for each grade outlining topics to be covered in each subject area for the upcoming month, projects that
might be due, test dates, upcoming class trips or events, and opportunities for parents to volunteer. Priority Goal #2: To increase student achievement for ELA in all grades Measurable Objective # 2 : By June 2014 student achievement will increase by at least 10% on the NYS ELA exam for all grades ACTION STEPS Adopt SAM inquiry model

Purchase and Implement Achieve 3000

Additional Time for Enrichment and Tutoring Tutoring/Enrichment Tutoring/AIS
Lunch periods
After school
Saturday Academy

Data will determine students who are at-risk and those in need of enrichment

Collaboration between ELA teachers and tutors Evaluation of Priority Goal #2 School-wide Changes 90 minute blocks of ELA/Math

Common planning built into the schedule

Reduced class sizes ACTION STEPS 1. Implement Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

2. Increase parental involvement.

3. Gather and analyze data. Components of PBIS Define Expectations

Teach in all settings


Monitor and Correct Behavior

Data Analyze lexile data & teacher survey at the beginning, midway and end of school year. Discuss benchmark findings with lead teachers in department meetings with Literacy Coach.

Analyze trends in student achievement. Develop and implement an action plan to bridge the learning gaps.

Data will be gathered from benchmark assessments. Report will be sent to parents via email or progress reports. System of Rewards Dunkin Donuts


Movie Tickets

Citizen of the Month Award Parental Involvement "Students with parents who are involved in their school tend to have fewer behavioral problems and better academic performance..." National Committee for Citizens in Education. Epstein's Framework of Six Types of Involvement 1. Parenting
2. Communicating
3. Volunteering
4. Learning at home
5. Decision making
6. Collaborating with the community Evaluation Plan for Discipline Component Bi-Monthly Meetings

Data Analysis

Surveys (Staff, Parents, Students)

End of year report References "ROBBIE REWARDS" Benefits of Parental Involvement Implement Reading Program

Ongoing Quality PD: Differentiated Instruction Strategies SAM Inquiry Inquiry with a coach

In depth and expert analysis of :
lesson planning

Improving teacher practice and student learning by making evidenced-based, student -centered systematic change. This data analysis tool will be used to extract important statistics that will drive our inquiry and intruction. Principal Lead Math Teacher Mila Alva Kahlia Michael Anthony Femino Literacy Coach Sp. Ed. Teacher Program coordinator Maria Piri Karlene Brown Guidance Counselor Dean
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