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Globalization and Sustainability

No description

Bambi Roy

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Globalization and Sustainability

MYP Next Chapter
Scientific and technical innovation
How do we understand the worlds in which we live?
Personal and cultural expression
What is the nature and purpose of creative expression?
Orientation in space and time
What is the meaning of 'where' and 'when'
Identities and relationships
Who am I? Who are we?
Globalization and Sustainability
How is everything connected:
Students will explore:
- the interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities
-The relationship between local and global processes
-How local experiences mediate the global
Fairness and development
What are the consequences of our humanity?
Students will explore:
-Rights and responsibilities
-The relationship between communities
-Sharing finite sources with other people and other living things
Students will explore:
-Personal histories
-Homes and journeys
-Turning points in humankind
-The relationships between and interconectedness of individual
Students will explore:
-The ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values
Students will explore:
-Beliefs and values
-Personal, physical, mental, social, and spiritual health
-Human relationships including families, friends, and communities
Students will explore:
-The natural world and its laws
-The interaction between people and the natural world
-The impact of environments on human activity
-The impact of scientific and technological advances on communities and environments
-How humans adapt environments to their needs
Global contexts
Teaching and learning in the MYP involves understanding concepts in context. Global contexts provide a common language for powerful contextual learning, identifying specific settings, events or circumstances that provide more concrete perspectives for teaching and learning.

When teachers select a global
context for learning, they are answering the following questions.
• Why are we engaged in this inquiry?
• Why are these concepts important?
• Why is it important for me to understand?
• Why do people care about this topic?
The selected global context will inform the questions that teachers and students ask throughout the unit.
However, many explorations of global contexts are closely related, and in the course of the unit,
questions that relate to other global contexts may also be encouraged, developed and considered.

Statement of Inquiry
1. Student friendly
2. Answers “why?”
3. Allows for meaningful inquiry

Explicit vs. Implicit
“The values of a population and social influences help shape the policies and ultimately the makeup of society.”

Key Concept = Systems.

refers to:
- the idea of interacting components
-the idea of systems providing structure and order
"External and internal influences can impact & even alter pre-existing systems."
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