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Limnic eruption


hugh tran

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of Limnic eruption

Limnic eruptions
Lake Nyos in Africa
What is a Limnic Eruption
A Limnic eruption is when a large amount of carbon dioxide erupting up from a lake. It is a rare type of natural disaster
Where did the eruption occurred happened
Active Volcano
What have caused the eruption
North America
South America
When the lava flow reached the lake, the lava flow release gallons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the lake.
Lake Nyos and lake Monoun
1. A active volcano eruption
2. Lava flow began it's way!
3. Reached lake Nyos helping the co2 feeding fountains.
flowing under ground
The occurring event
Lots of bubble of co2 start bubbling up, forming clouds
Co2 cloud start to spread and suffocate living creatures
All at once all the co2 gather to the surface over sizing the energy then erupt setting of a jet of co2
feeding co2 fountains
Quiz time
what two things had fed the lake with co2
where exactly did it happen
how many peopled died
Remember or not
This eruption has killed 1800 people


Landscape- it effect the landscape by turning the river from blue to redish brown
Economy- it had destroy all the vegetarian
Environment- it has killed animals and people. it has gave it a terrible smell
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