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Common Organizational Designs

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karen sacala

on 20 September 2014

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Transcript of Common Organizational Designs

Simple Structure
inability to serve large organization.
organization becomes dysfunctional.
The Bureaucracy
systematic and precise form of organization.
Matrix Structure
Common Organizational Designs
3 Common Organizational Designs:
1. Simple Structure
2. Bureaucracy
3. Matrix Structure
An organizational hierarchy with a low number of levels.
Examples of Simple Structure:
Retail Store,
Service Shop, and
Small Manufacturing firm
decision can be made fast
1. Machine Bureaucracy
management structure with high degree of formalization & specialization.
existence of rules
degree of differentiation
high degree of jobs specialization
heavy emphasis of rules to regulate behavior
selection and promotion of employees.
2. Professional Bureaucracy
core of highly trained professionals that standardize skills.
refers to a group project within a firm that uses workers from variety of departments without transferring those workers.
internal complexity
expensive maintenance and internal conflict
efficient information exchange
increased motivation
Examples of Professional Bureaucracy:
law firms
accounting firms
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