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Recreational Therapy is a Lot More Than Diversion!

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Stephanie Myers

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Recreational Therapy is a Lot More Than Diversion!

It provides relief of stress
Everyone needs to escape their problems and concerns from time to time...
Recreational activities provide that for us
Gained positive emotions
can counteract lingering negative emotions
Prescribed activities
lead to relief of symptoms
Strength-based approach
focus on the positive or what is right in the client
According to this article, recreational therapy provides what other than simply providing a diversion to one's problems?
A.) Relief from symptoms
B.) Remove barriers to self-actualization
C.) Provides opportunities for change
D.) All of the above
Recreational Therapy is a Lot More Than Diversion!
...but Recreational Therapy is so much more!
creating receptivity to new thoughts and behaviors
Removing barriers to self-actualization
Clients become what they are capable of becoming
Providing opportunities for change
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