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The Kingdom of God

No description

Mickey Cannon

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of The Kingdom of God

The K. O. G
Intro; how it came to be.
The Kingdom of God comes about after the Earth(World) falls into chaos and darkness, because the creations went against the creator. The 1st creation tricked the other creations into rebelling against The Creator thus destroying the world slowly over the years, so that darkness would take out the light of the world.
further intro...
Destroyed World/Hell on Earth
Destroyed planet that is inhabitable.
Earth's core and magma has risen to the surface. Volcano's, & Great Storms (Tornado, Tsunami, Hurricane) rage all around the world because the atmosphere has become unstable due to pollutants (Negative life/ energy fed back back into the world throughout the years from the people; war, death, lies, corruption, Government, etc.)
Satan is free and demons run amok destroying everything, even themselves.
In an attempt to destroy the creation The Creator's other creation (Man and Woman) must use The Creators Power to fight against the enemy in a full blown war that has actually been going on since the very beginning, but has just now been made visible to the human eye in the year (unknown) because man finally decided to pay attention to the signs given throughout their life times and generations (Preparing them for the battle.)
Laws/Government - What Rules Are the citizens required to follow? How is this society governed?
Follow God's words; listen to The Creator and get to know him so that you can have a relationship with Him. That's what the Bible is really about.
Man's interpretation of the Bible
More Rules you have to follow; religion not relationship.
If you can't follow those, than just follow
these 2.
1. Love the Creator
2. Love each other
Constitution/Bill of Rights
State Laws/ City Laws etc.
I Believe
The Creator just didn't want to be alone...(Brave New World; when people were alone they went crazy (John) and started to do strange things) The Creator started creating strange things like Light out of Darkness, the world/universe. Everything that is good. He made man in his image because he just wanted to share his love and be loved back. (Doesn't everybody want that?) But the Sun(Son/Children/Creations) went against Father Time and Mother Nature thus separating and causing problems in the family.
Made technology/buildings - cut down and ruined The Creators creations (Trees) that produce life - give back positive energy to the world and instead started putting in negative energy (Pollutants)
Light Bulbs were mans way of harnessing and trapping the light so that man had control of darkness and light.
- The People live in peace. happiness, and joy. Constant Praise (singing, dancing, and music playing) to show love to The Creator. Everything is Good.
- Class: Taught whatever you desire to learn from The Creator Himself.
7 Heavenly Virtues
- Caste: Caste out and Cleanse out all Evil and Darkness in the name of the Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Ghost. Amen.
- System: Everybody works together for the greater good of life (future) New Beginning.
- Family: Everybody is one big family, children of The Creator.

People live in chaos, but rest in pieces because the world has torn them apart.
- Class: Race, Religion, Gender, etc.
-Caste: People in Power have rule over everybody and everything because of money (root of all evil) 7 deadly sins
- System: Everything runs on tech./ barely run by the people that invented it; lost control (Destroyed, blew up, or became robots.
- Family: no longer exist b/c of the world system.
Father Time, Mother Nature, Sun/Son turns into
Man & Man, Women & Women, Life produced in labs (clones) in an attempt to bring back loved ones (The dead) Zombies and Demons come back.
Structure. How Do
People live? Do they
have class/caste systems,
do they live in families etc.?
Full Metal Alchemist
2 brothers attempt to bring back their dead mother and end up bringing back something evil and lose 1 brothers entire body and the other brothers arm and leg. In order to bring back a body and soul from the dead you need more than a body and an arm and leg. Dealing with black magic (even if the reason behind it is good) is bad. Brought back disturbed and angered spirits (Demons)
Jobs – Obey The Creator
Economy: based on blessings (whatever your heart desires)
How to get it? By being obedient to The Creator, doing good so you can receive good.
Not a government, but you pay what you owe (life/tithes: give back some of what The Creator gave to you) and you give whatever you can for free (offering; give everybody else something), and whatever’s left, or whatever comes out of it is yours to keep or do what you want with it, but you must Thank The Creator for it.

Jobs – teachers, janitors, staff, food service, etc.
Economy – money (Dollar Bill: worthless, no real value, US is in major debt)
How to get it? Take from the poor, “Earn it”, Earn a good living. In other words, you have to pay to live or else you die.

How do the people behave? Out of love
Moral Codes – Follow and listen to The Creator/The Giver of Life
Shared Values - Life (Good)
Culture and Traditions - Loving and caring for others.

Behave like savages
Moral Codes – None (No belief system b/c there were too many religions)
Values – Getting Wealthier for whatever reason (No real value)
Culture and Traditions – Based off of your race, gender, who, what where when how and why you were raised by. (*Media/TV – no family/no love*)

Belief – one belief. There’s only one Creator and He is life, love, the truth and light of the world. He sent His son (Jesus Christ) to die so that we could live in the Kingdom of God. Acknowledge His presence in your life.
Philosophy – teaching, preaching, witnessing, telling everybody the truth, good news, about the Kingdom of God.

Many religions (…)
Many Philosophy’s (…)

Church/Home(Family) – relationship with The Creator and how to get into the Kingdom of God. How to truly make it in life.
How? By telling people about The Creator (Bringing more people to Him, Christ), The Good News, Blessings, Miracles, Testimonies (Tell the people what He’s done for you.)

School System – ways of the world, go to school, college, get a job, support your family, leave money for your children…

Moves at the speed of light, through time and space.
299 792 458 (meters / second) = speed of light.
Through water
Through air
Through space

Move at the speed of the airways (electronic, hearing, seeing)
Air travels = ?
Through water = very little
Through space = no air

The Kingdom of God (Heaven) is as real as the earth you walk on.
Battle between light and darkness (Good and Bad) if you’re on the good side, you always win in the end and you can be in the Kingdom of God.

2 Peter 3:8–9 reads:

‘But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.’

Jobs/Economy - How the citizens make money (or earn good, etc.) How does the government make money?
Behave/Culture - How do people behave? Shared Values, describe culture and traditions.
Religion/Philosophy - what do the people believe?
Education - What does society teach and how?
Technology - How advanced is society?

God created everything in 7 days.
Father Time – nobody knows His Time (The creations time isn’t the same as The Creator)
1st lie
I’m tired of hearing lies so I’m just gonna stop here. END!

Ephesians 6:10-18 - Preparing for Battle
John 2:22 Jesus said He'd come back and He did.
John 3:16 If you believe in Him
John 3:18-21 People who believe in Him
John 9:39-41 Thinking you know the truth.
John 10:7-10 Jesus is the only way to get into the Kingdom of God
What happens while we're here on Earth now?
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