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The 80's!

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jenna merrick

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of The 80's!

The 80's
The most popular hairstyles for the 1980's were for men; the mullet, the rats tail or 'water fowl' and the jerry curls.

And for women; Perms, Asymmetrical hair, the side pony tail and the sky-high bangs.

Both genders also found the 'big' hairstyle quite favourable.
There were only a few ways to communicate with friends and family without writing a letter or speaking face to face. You could use a car phone, a cordless phone or fax
Entertainment in the 80's is very similar to entertainment today (minus the internet). People would listen to music, hang out with friends, or play puzzle games such as the rubiks cube and basic video games.
In the 80's hip hop and energetic music was most popular. The top 8 bands of the 80's are as follows:
1. Madonna
2. Michael Jackson
3. Prince
4. Whitney Houston
5. The Police
7. R. E. M.
8. John Mellencamp
Most significant sporting event
One of the most significant sporting events of the 1980's was the summer olympic games which were held in Moscow USSR.
Key global events
A key global event in this decade was when the world health organization declared the eradication of smallpox
Fads of the decade
There were many fads that occured in the 80's.
fashion fads included: Slap bracelets, friendship trinkets, jelly shoes, moon boots, spandex, neon clothing and the punk look.

Fashion wear
In the 1980's bright colors began to take over. Leg warmers, mini skirts and shoulder pads were big. Fingerless gloves and huge earings were the go to accessories. People were also fanatic about parachute pants, members only jackets, units, stretch-stirrup pants and oversized tops.
Most popular T.v show
The most popular T.V shows of the 80's are as follows:
. Cheers
. Family ties
. Dukes of Hazard
. Dallas
. Knight Rider
. The love boat

Just to name a few.
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