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Yelnats Family Tree

No description

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Yelnats Family Tree

Yelnats Family Tree
Stanley Yelnats 2
Stanley Yelnats the 1's son, named Stanley again because they loved how it is their last name backwards.
Also Stanley's grandfather.
Mrs.Yelnats 2
Stanley Yelnats the 2nd's wife, and Stanley's grandmother.
Stanley Yelnats 3
Stanley Yelnats the 3rd, Stanley's father who is an inventor, trying to come up with a way to recycle old shoes. Their apartment smells horrible because it is full of old smelly shoes.
Elya Yelnats
Stanley's no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather, he fell in love with myra mink,but he had competition, another man also wanted to marry her and was offering his fattest pig. So he went to madame zeroni for advice, she told him to take the pig to the top of the mountain let him drink and sing to him, then come back and do it to me. Elya forgot about her therefore cursing his family, he then went to America and married Sarah Miller.
Sarah Miller
Elya Yelnats wife, who he met in America.
Stanley Yelnats 1
The son of Elya and Sarah Yelnats, he was named Stanley because it is his last name backwards.
Mrs.Yelnats 1
Stanley Yelnats the 1's wife.
Mrs.Yelnats 3
Stanley's mother, and Stanley the 3rd's wife. She is very worried about her boy at camp and sends him letters wondering how he is doing.
Stanley 4
Stanley is the main character, and has been sent to camp green lake, because as usually he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He is a bigger kid, and everyone at school usually bullies him. By being sent to camp he makes a friend named Zero and they both escape camp, find refuge on a mountain, dig up treasure and make it safely home with his lawyer.
The End
I hope you learned a bit about the Yelnats family, and the book Holes!
By: Alicia Batyski
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