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AP Psychology of 5 stages of sleep cycle

No description

Taijaha Manuel

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of AP Psychology of 5 stages of sleep cycle

AP Psychology
5 Stages of Sleep Cycles
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 3
Circadian Rythm:
At this point your wide awake.
Your on your way to becoming sleep.
This is the pre~step before stage 1.
Going to sleep-loss of conscious
Alpha waves occur-slow brain waves of relaxed,awake state
(aware of surroundings but in slight sleep)
General/Natural anesthesia(hibernation)
Resemble Hallucinations-false images that you project out in reality when its really fantasy.
Also be easily awaken
Experience Sleep Spindles-Rythmic brain activity
Can still be easily awakened
May experience sleep talk
Transitions from deep sleep-when you really into your dreams or even nightmare.
Experience Delta waves-large slow brain waves with in deep sleep
Kind of hard to wake.
May experience sleep walking~ DEEP DEEP SLEEP.
Transitioning into REM Sleep
Transition into paralysis.
Complete REM Sleep-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, vivid dreams occur other parts of the body are active besides muscles of the body.
Complete Paralysis.
Biological clock
Run on 24 hour natural cyle.
By: Jocelyn & Taijaha
Hard to wake up
The End! :)
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