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Copy of Poly pharmacy in the older adult


Alexandra Flores

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Poly pharmacy in the older adult

The Budget Plan provides $50,000 for your Geriatric Center

Estimated Spending
-$500 for marketing bi-weekly

-$40 for Employee Mileage Reimbursements per month for deliveries

-$5,000 for Medical Supplies

-$20,000 for Geriatric Center Renovation in the Pharmacy
By Chris Anamelechi, Dawit Eguale, Alexandra Flores, Haseena Hakeem, Sahar Kassem, Christine Kim, Brittany Mani, Uzo Obi, Sogol Shamlou, Tekalign WondimuPr fffdTHJKfjfldkjfdjfl
Stanton Pharmaceuticals
Who are We?
A Start-up Sole Proprietorship Upheld by the Vision of Victor Stanton Pharm.D./MBA

The values we stand on are:


What We Do
Offer strategic plans to geriatric pharmacies
-Provide exceptional care
-Maximize Revenue

Act as private contractors catering to the geriatric population.
-Provide drug counseling
-BP monitoring
-Glucose testing
What We Believe
Post-guidance through this process can assure you become the leading Geriatric Center in your community
How do we Accomplish
Collaborating with nursing homes, providing advertisements, giving immunizations, and providing blood pressure and diabetes screening.

Online marketing plan
-Social media outlets

-Pamphlets & Brochures

-Improving on Customer Feedback
How do we Accomplish
this? Cont.
Contract with nursing homes & assisted living facilities

Screen patients for ailments that may go undetected

Drug Therapy Management
-Decrease Polypharmacy
-ED Visits
Third Party Contracting
Complementary services will be provided bi-weekly for a month to the patients

After one month these services will be continued bi-monthly and covered under the patients insurance company as a service provided by the nursing home or assisted living facility
How We Know We can
Help You!
Our Market in the District of Columbia
-69,555 Geriatric Patients (above 65 yo)

-Equates to 11% of Population = 1/3 of drug spending

-Elderly Cost of Medication=

-438,000 Prescriptions Written
Patient Focus Cont.
Effective Pharmacist-Patient Relationships

Short wait time

Specializing in the day to day health needs of the elderly

Provide information sessions to build personal relationships with patients
Providing Success in your Geriatric Pharmacy Center
How We Know We can
Help You! Cont.
Delivery Service
-As of 2008 43.0% of the total elderly
population living in DC did not own
a personal vehicle

-Prescriptions completed can be
delivered to patients upon request

-We will provide an order form for OTC’s and bring OTC’s with the prescriptions upon the patients request
How We can Can
Help You! Cont.

Request a Stanton Pharmaceuticals Agent
-A registered and experienced (geriatric) pharmacist will come to your pharmacy

-Discuss the changes required to make your pharmacy more effective in serving geriatric patients.
Our Patient Focus!
Those who are near retirement

Have developed Chronic Diseases
-Alzheimer’s Disease

-Heart Disease


How we Access and Promote
Continued Satisfaction?
Provide surveys for patients that can enter them in a raffle to win OTC’s at the pharmacy
Improve geriatric care, one patient at a time.
Stanton Pharmaceuticals
Competitive Advantage
-We will provide lifeline wellness visits by our educated staff unlike Grandoaks and Sunrise assisted living facilities

-We will provide delivering services to our patients at assisted living facilities and their homes unlike other retail facilities such as CVS and Walgreens pharmacies

-We will provide a specialized Geriatric Pharmacists to serve and counsel patients directly
Making the Most of your Budget
Who you Will be Working With?
Sahar Kassem: Geriatric Center
Christine Kim: Assistant Geriatric Manager
Brittany G. Mani: Geriatric Center
Nursing Home Liaison
Teka Wondimu: Pharmacist
Chris Anamelechi: Pharmacist
Sogol Shamlou: Physician
Dawit Eguale: Registered Nurse
Where Can You Find Us?
7600 Georgia Avenue NW suite 201
Washington DC, 20012
We Believe that if you have the Best Geriatric Pharmacy Center, the World will Reap the Benefits
The Budget Plan provides $50,000 for your Geriatric Center

Estimated Spending
-$500 for marketing bi-weekly

-$40 for Employee Mileage Reimbursements per month for deliveries

-$5,000 for Medical Supplies

-$20,000 for Geriatric Center Renovation in the Pharmacy
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