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JusJax cross media campaign

No description

Corina Cristea

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of JusJax cross media campaign

Concept overview
Because the event stage of the campaign takes place in the 7 largest cities of the UK, extensive location scouting is necessary.

As an example we have the case of London.
The starting point is set next to Buckingham Palace, next to Duke of Wellington arch. Here, the beanstalk installation would be placed, a large screen with location tracking for the characters installed and also banners, tents and other elements to advertise the event.

Each round will last a maximum of an hour and a half with half hour left for the characters to change their location for the next round. It is estimated that one round will start at every 2 hours. When the screen doesn’t show the location of the characters it show the progress the contestants are making in the current city as well as in the other participating cities.

Other design artefacts

For the short clips the envisioned style is similar to the comedic approach for the Irn Bru adverts. They will seem to be unrelated events that still match through the style used and humor.

They might have an amateur video look as they are meant to introduce you into the character’s private life.

Image by Tom Mooring
Location Scouting notes
JusJax- Cross media campaign
Maps and locations
Suitability for target audience
Detailed story run through
“Blunderbore wants you on his team! He needs someone patient, observant and fast! Are you up for the challenge?”
Phase 1

Phase 2

Discussion on feasibility
The aim for this campaign is a bellow the line approach. The budget estimated for it will be as small as possible. The only costs involved in such an action would be: the prizes, the internet app, the location decorations and the people involved in the final event (actors).

As far as the publicity for this campaign is concerned, it will solely be based on social network activity from the participants and from the characters. The promoting stage will not add to the budget of the campaign.

An issue of concern would be the character tracking. People will be able to track the characters via the link provided for them in the starting point. There is an existing free online service that can provide us with live information regarding the whereabouts of the characters: http://www.trackonthemap.com/ . This would be a cheap alternative to creating a tracking app for the event.

Another point that might be regarded as a problem is if the people who are watching the event want to participate. This however would not represent an issue as the public is more than welcome to join the game even though they are not aware of the story behind it. This event can be a standalone event and can be played without one being part of phase I. The only downside of not participating in the internet stage is that when it comes to the character choice, what the player chooses is completely random and it seriously decreases his chances of winning. It does, however, increase the excitement of the game in this case because of the uncertainty.
JusJax’s usual customers are young adults aged 20-30. They have rushed lives, they want to keep active, and they want to enjoy life but are also concerned about their body and want to become healthier. A fast paced, race-like, scavenger hunt is the ideal game for a target group such as this. It gives them thrill and excitement. It is not only about the prizes, it is also about competing against your friends and enjoying a fun afternoon.

It is about the excitement of reaching the finish line first. The proposed campaign is a competitive task, it plays with the idea of a race which is reminiscent of the previous work done by JusJax organizing runs at festivals.

The campaign is composed of two stages. The first stage is an online campaign that uses an app/website and social networking platforms. The second stage consists of an event held across 7 UK cities. It will be a large campaign which will mainly thrive on the publicity made by the players via social networks.

Phase 1 contains two tasks from coach Blunderbore. You must grow a beanstalk by gathering points with various methods. The second one is based on observing the items that are in a series of short clips unlocked once you get to a certain level of the beanstalk.

Phase 2 consists of a real life, big scale, scavenger hunt. You must match the object to the character and find the correct character of the campaign in the city. Once you retrieve a token from him you will receive a prize.

Expected public reaction
The envisioned campaign would have a fast paced expansion, becoming viral amongst social network users. This would happen as a result of the “sharing to gain more points” option which would attract more people to the competition. People would share the campaign with the friends they want to compete against. Their friends will want to participate to win the prizes they know other people won and further on they will be caught in the race craze.

Because the tasks play around with the idea of competing and being rewarded for your performance, most people will be interested in participating and then they will strive to gather as many points as they can to prove themselves and also to gratify their curiosity.

It will be a national success with people gathering their friends and competing against each other in every city where the event takes place. The reason they will want to do this is because it will be fun, it will be exciting and thrilling.

Narrative structure and plot development
Phase 1
Phase 2
Using the Doppler Effect in transmedia storytelling, the first phase of the project changes itself. You are no longer able to add more points and get more clues from it. This influences your performance in the last task.
For the second stage of the campaign, a real life event will take place simultaneously in 7 different UK cities. It will involve a scavenger hunt with a twist.

The last task is to match the right characters with their objects. The characters (Rosey, Blunderbore, Jack and James) are all spread out in the city and are moving around in their given area. The event will take place on one day in various cities and it will run 4 times. During each round of the game the players are given one particular object that they must match to the right character. Then they must, based on their assumption, go and search for the character, in the area they are prompted he will be, and show him the image of the object he is supposed to have. If they chose the right character they will then be given a token with which they must run back at the starting point. Once arrived back here they will make their way to a beanstalk installation and scan the barcode. The beanstalk will then give them, from one of his leaves, their prize. The goal is to be the first one to reach the beanstalk because the prizes will be given in decreasing order of the value.

On the event day, on the beanstalk page the users will be prompted to the nearest location where a game is being played and the starting point. They must make their way to the starting point where they will receive their equipment: a marathon style sticker for their shirt and a link where they can track the characters. They are advised that the characters might disappear from time to time from the map and in order to keep track of them they must follow their posts, tweets, check-ins on social media websites. For this task they must bring a gadget that has internet access in order to be able to use the website they are provided with. If they do not own such a device they are able to see the location of the characters via the internet connected screen placed at the starting point. They are, however, warned that characters will change their location from time to time but will remain in the given area.
If the player chooses the wrong character he is able to try the other 3 remaining characters.

The race will take place 4 times during the day, once for each character. The locations where the characters are placed are similar in walking range.

This campaign is based on the idea of “choice excitement” which is one of the most efficient affinity spaces in transmedia storytelling. According to James Paul Gee, affinity spaces are locations where groups of people are drawn together because of a shared, strong interest or engagement in a common activity.

The narrative structure of the campaign is a linear one. It begins with the first task, growing the beanstalk, which then leads to unlocking the clues needed for the second phase, the third task. It is structured this way to build up tension. The short Youtube clips are vague and are not explained clearly which adds ambiguity to the campaign. This raises tension and anticipation for clarifying the meaning of the videos.

Seen from another angle, the story can be viewed as a shell for 4 smaller narrative pieces. Within the large 3 act plot, we have the 4 short clips which have their own plots each.
If the overall narrative is a linear one, the nested pieces don’t follow a chronological order. They are set at different times, being random episodes the characters go through.

These short non-sequential clips are the main narrative pieces of the campaign and also are the main pieces of the puzzle. Without them your only chance of winning is luck.

First episode
The first episode is centered on Jack.
We find Jack in Blunderbore’s living room waiting for Rosey to come down. He is searching for something around the room.

Jack: “Where are they? He must have stashed them!”

He opens the closet he once hid in and finds, next to the stuffed goose, a huge bag of JusJax.

Jack: “Aha!!!”

Right then Blunderbore comes in the room.

Gerald: “PUT THEM DOWN!”

And the story cuts as Jack bumps his head of the top of the closet accidentally out of fright.

Second episode
This clip has Rosey as the main star.
She is getting ready to go out with Jack. She arranges her hair while her father walks in the room.

Gerald: “Where are you heading?”
Rosey: “Ah, hey daddy! Out with Jack. Forgot to mention.”

She picks up her bag puts a headpiece in her hair.

Rosey : ( kisses her dad on the cheek) “We’re going to a concert! Yeey! Don’t wait up!”
Gerarld: “Whaaaaat?”

Door slams while she goes out and this is the end of the episode.

Third episode
This video is about coach Blunderbore.
We find him sitting in his office, reading his favorite magazine: “Ultimate cookies and bars”.

James: “Coach, coach! Can I come in?”

Blunderbore (a bit annoyed, hides the magazine): “Yes, yes, what is it?”

James: “Well, you know how you were saying that we needed another player? I just found the perfect guy! He shoots so well! He would be perfect for the team!”

Blunderbore: “Alright, tell him to come tomorrow for trials. What’s his name?”

James (walking out): “Great I’ll tell him right away!! Aaa.. and his name is Jack. Thanks coach!” (Walks out)

Blunderbore: “NOOOO”

He punches the table and drops coffee on his favourite magazine. The episode ends here.

Forth episode
The main star of this episode is James.
He is practicing shooting in the field next to the coach’s office. Rosey walks out just then. He is distracted and hits the ball wrong almost hitting her.
He runs towards Rosey, with his face all read.

James: “I am soooo sorry.”

Rosey: “I would be too if I hit the ball like that. Doesn’t my father teach you boys anything?”

As Rosey walks past him James remains in shock.

Each episode has a certain object that the player has to remember: the stuffed goose, the hairpiece, the magazine and the ball. Because in every episode we have two characters interacting it is harder to guess who the object is meant to belong to, which adds more difficulty when the participant has to make his choice.

The stories help build up a universe in which the player can get immersed in. They are a key part of the trajectory the user follows. Starting from the internet stage with the points gathering system, they engage with the characters through Twitter and Facebook posts. They get glances of their lifestyle, they become more real for the viewer. Each clip adds to the universe the game builds for them.

It is important to enforce the illusion in the player’s mind so the game dosen’t break and they don’t feel tempted to renounce.

The risk points for the trajectory are the transition between the media and the collecting points stage. For the collecting stage, in order to keep people interacting with each other and gathering points, the prizes where inserted. This incentive is sufficient to get players interested.

The virtual-physical traversal is the hardest to compensate. Although the thrill and excitement of playing the game is enough to get some players interested in participating, others might be tempted to give up and come out of the game’s immersion. As a solution for this possible outcome we increased the incentive with one larger prize. The first person that arrives to the beanstalk installation, and interacts with it, is the person who is granted the largest prize.

There is only one large prize per round which raises the stakes for the game.
One more possible break in the story is when a contestant arrives to the wrong character. Here the character will encourage the player to run fast to another character and not lose time because he is in a race.

Character development
From the previous stage of the campaign we see an evolution when it comes to the characters. In this stage they have their own Facebook profiles, they interact with the players via social media means. They are given a voice and a virtual life.

The most noticeable improvement is the relationship between all the characters. They all know each other. They interact on social media between themselves not only with the players. They have developed relationships.

The next improvement is when it comes to the secondary character’s profiles. They have developed small quirky features and they have become better rounded.

Rosey Blunderbore
Coach Blunderbore
Rosey Blunderbore is more noticeable. We see that in the short clips her character is more visible. She is still the same independent, rebellious girl but has gone one step further in being more outspoken and a bit too judgmental. She is still a daddy’s girl.
Coach Blunderbore has learned to accept Jack although he still struggles. In this stage we get to know him better, we find out about his passion of pastries and of his fear for his private space being invaded by Jack. He is still the same overprotecting father that is scared of losing his daughter.
For James we see a stagnation of his character. As he has been a big success up to this point, his character does not need much modification. He has shown in the short clip a bit of insecurity when it comes to girls that previously we haven’t been witness of.
Jack, as the former main character of the campaign needed reinforcing in his features. He is portrayed as the same quirky, slightly ignorant guy that still has a passion for JusJax and enjoys a bit annoying Rosey’s father.

In order to set the games in the city, the council in charge of the desired location has to be notified and permissions have to be granted. Because the places are chosen as busy public places this means that more bystanders can chose to be part of one of the 4 rounds of the game.
Starting on the Facebook page of jusjax a new campaign would arise: “Are you up for the challenge? First test starts now!”.
Each character will have a fictive profile on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They will post on the JusJax Facebook page periodically to gather people’s attention. The starting point for the campaign will be Blunderbore’s post: “Jaaackk!! You destroyed my plant again!!! Honestly, why do I put up with this? It is time for some extra help”. Here people will find a link for a new webpage in which they are invited to grow their own beanstalk. This will be a single paged website that can be accessed via smartphone app as well. You can grow your plant anywhere anytime.

A big question would be how can you get people interested in this campaign? Jusjax is already a very well-known brand in the UK and has a set consumer market already established. The goal is to grow this audience and gain more people’s interest. To do so, an incentive is required. That is why at some levels of the beanstalk you obtain small prizes e.g. T-shirts similar to the costumes the character’s wore, or that have the JusJax logo on them, headbands, wrist bands, pedometers, free packs of JusJax, larger JusJax packs etc. The prizes are low in value but because the player dosen’t know what they will be, he will continue to play and gather more points to unlock them.
This campaign thrives on the experience of unlocking prizes, the anticipation of finding clues. It is also based, through the ensemble of stages, on the thrill of proving one self’s abilities that the players want to have.

In order to help Blunderbore regain his beloved plant they will have to share the campaign via Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network they use. They will have to tweet about it and, of course, buy JusJax in order to gather more points by introducing the bar code number on the page. They would gain points by retweeting what our characters say, and by posting images of them with the prizes they won.

Each one of these methods will give the player more points to grow their plant and unlock hidden prizes and small clips. These small Youtube clips are meant to be part of the second test Blunderbore has in store for the players: “How observant are you?”
The players will have to watch the 5-10 seconds short clips that represent sketches from each of the characters’ life and see the objects that are in the rooms.
They will not be prompted for what they are looking until Phase 2 takes place.

They will be told that they can only grow their beanstalk up to a given day. After this day the beanstalk is frozen, and they will be told to go participate in Phase 2. The goal is to unlock every clip until the deadline comes so you get all the clues you need before the event takes place.

The installation similar to Amazon's lockers
Event activity graphic - possible way people might play
Campaign structure
Social media resources
Starting point:
central positioning
people passing by can see it
touristic area which improves coverage of JusJax's market
Duke of Wellington Arch
space for organizing the event
Maps for each character
are well known
usually busy and the game might attract other potential players
The campaign is also reminiscent of the british propaganda used in War World Two and should keep that authoritarian style. It has to convince you that it is time to prove yourself.
The style used for the campaign's tasks would be similar to the ivy league college sport championships. This also ties this stage of the campaign with the previous one and reinforces the world in witch James lives.
Full transcript