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ICT Project Maintenance

No description

Janine Pendre

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of ICT Project Maintenance

Lesson Objectives
1. Evaluate the effectiveness of their online campaign through user feedback

2. Improve the online campaign using various tools.

3. Check the impact of their online campaign.
Step 2
On the left-hand side of your MY DRIVE page, click NEW>MORE>GOOGLE FORMS
Step 3
You may now fill out the form with questions. Then, once you are done editing the questions click DONE.

To add a new question or item, click on ADD ITEM.

Edit the CONFIRMATION PAGE option at the bottom as you see fit.

Step 4
Click the SEND FORM button. Then SEND FORM dialog bo will appear. Edit these options as you see fit.
Open your browser and go to drive.google.com then sign in or create an account.
Step 5
The easiest way to view the result is viewing the summary of the responses. Click on RESPONSES>SUMMARY OF RESPONSES
ICT Project Maintenance
Janine Pendre
Andrea Kate Wong
Sabrina Abello
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