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Collaborating with Special Education

No description

Michele Lockley

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Collaborating with Special Education

Beth Engstrom
Shelly Hannah
Michele Lockley Your SPED Team The Learning Center Mainstreaming Behavior Thank You BPES Staff! For supporting all of ARRR students and helping them find their own treasure in education! Collaborating with Special Education
Randee Delaney
Beth Engstrom
Shelly Hannah
Michele Lockley Knowledge is
Treasure Black Pearl Elementary School Educational
Specialists Paraeducators Ima Smartee
Ben Enlighten
Iada Childs
Aiden Ewe Other Professonials Our Students School Psychologist
School Nurse
Speech Pathologist
Technology Support
Curriculum Coordinator SDC Students Primary Classroom
SDC ensures that no child is an academic island.
Students get the specialized help that they could not receive in a general education classroom.
Goal is socialization for each child. Students who require placement in an SDC should be there for a limited time.
Primary Placement 50% of the school day.
Mainstreamed to GEN ED to maximum extent possible as determined by IEP team. Maintain IEP’s, perform IEP’s, & Triennials.
Teach student subject matter
Create lesson plans
Plan & provide learning
Assist student in reaching IEP goals
Provide student assignments
Create accommodations & modifications
Keep students on track & focused
Collaboration & Co-teaching with Gen.Ed Resource NEED TO FEEL THAT THEY ARE:
-part of the learning community
-that they belong-
-supported in their education just as any other student

Their inclusion benefits everyone as school. Is not just an opportunity for an education, but a place we learn to live within our community. Students are to be included in classroom activities.
Students should be made to feel welcome.
If you have any questions or problems, please contact us. We are here to help.
Paraeducators may be present to facilitate student participation and interactions as needed.
Paraeducators can assist you with grading and prep as time allows. Praise, Reward/token system, behavior chart. Redirection, praise.
Keep engaged.
Have a quiet zone.
Visual, locational or hand motions for cues.
Contact SPED team for assistance with difficulties, observation needs. Collaboration The goal of all collaborators is the integration and inclusion of all students.
After all...
Even the captain of a large vessel cannot set sail without a crew working together...
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