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My life as a book

No description

Mitchell suplick

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of My life as a book

My Life as a Book By: Janet Tashjian Dereck found a news paper article in the attick. The article was about a Derek found a newspaper article in the attic. The article was about a girl drowning in the ocean in Martha's Vineyard. He asks his mom what the article was about and she wouldn't answer him. This made Derek very curious to find out more about this story. Rising action Exposition Derek is in school and his teacher Ms. Williams is handing out the summer reading list. Then he thinks to himself and says, "If my life were a book, I'd have my own cool adventures instead of reading some one else's!" He wanted to have adventures with his best friend Matt all summer and not read books. He discovers that there are stories all around. Climax Derek finds out that the girl who drowned was his baby sitter. He had a baby sitter because his parents went out to dinner when they were on vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Derek's baby sitter was supposed to stay home with him but when his parents left his baby sitter took him to the beach. While they were there at dinner, the baby sitter drowned but Derek was found asleep in his bed at home. No one knows he got home safely in bed. Derek talks his parents into traveling to Martha's Vineyard to see his Grandmom. He really wants to learn more about how the girl drowned. So, they took a trip to Martha's Vineyard for vacation. Derek's Grandmom sat with him and read some of his summer reading books to him even though his mom only wanted Derek to read the books to himself. They decided to walk around the town and look in some artists' shops. One if the shops sold handmade jewelry and this was where Susan's best friend, Lauren Hutchins worked. Derek knew this from the internet. Susan's best friend was with her the day she drowned. Derek recognized her name and asked her what happened that day. She was shocked but then told him the true story. She was the one who ended up watching him at the beach because Susan went to see a boy she liked. Susan went swimming when the riptide was too strong and she drowned. Lauren was waiting for the ambulance when Derek went into the water. It was his dog, Bodi, who saved him from the ocean and not Susan! Lauren got him home safely, not Susan! Derek's family was happy to hear this because they felt bad for a long time. Internal conflict Derek didn't want to read his summer reading book that his teacher gave him because he didn't enjoy reading books. He knew he had to do it and that was bothering him all summer. External Conflict Derek was obsessed with this article he found in the attic about the girl who drowned in Martha's Vineyard. He kept trying to get his mom to tell him what happened and get more information about it. Susan James was Derek's babysitter who drowned at Martha's Vineyard when Derek was 2 years old. She drowned and nobody really knows the full story of how Derek stayed safe and back in bed. Theme The theme of this story is how Derek finds different ways of learning to help him to like reading. He learned how use drawing to study vocabulary words and imagine the book like it's a movie in his head. A good audience for this book is 11 and 12 year old boys. I would definitely recommend this book. In my opinion, it is a really good book because Derek, the main character, is curious and likes adventures. The book has mystery and also told different stories. A good audience for this book is 5th through 8th graders. The author's purpose was to entertain and explain different ways to make reading enjoyable and fun. I would recommend this book. In my opinion, this book was fun to read because it had mystery, adventure and different stories besides the main story. The characters

Main character is Derek
Other characters are Mom, Dad, Bodi (his dog), Carly, Matt (best friend) Falling action and Resolution:
Derek's family felt better when they knew it wasn't his fault when Susan James drowned. They went home after vacation.
During the whole summer, he only finished one of his three summer reading books. Derek finished a summer reading book and made a CD for his class to make his drawings come to life.
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