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Personal Business Plan - Leadership and Self-Assessment Module AMP (Susan West)

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kevin hans

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Personal Business Plan - Leadership and Self-Assessment Module AMP (Susan West)

Leadership Strengths
Excellent ability to listen and to understand people's wishes, concerns, goals
Able to draw coherent and efficient rules and to help people to respect those
Hard worker, conscientious and endeavour
Ability to lead teams (until 25 people so far) and to empower members of those teams to fulfill the organization goals
Open-minded and thrilled to learn
Committed "compromiser"
Motivated, passionate, vigorous
Leadership Weaknesses
Trend of not being sharp, incisive or assertive enough : being too "kind", naive or soft with colleagues or challengers when it comes to promote myself or my work
Lacking of self-confidence
Sometimes lack of focus or lack of clarity in my personal goals: what do I really desire ?
Leadership Threats
Leadership Opportunities
The Leadership SWOT : My Personal Analysis....
Almost unlimited ambition: momentum to always go beyond and to push the boundaries
Life companion who is willing to follow me wherever I go, for whatever I choose
Participation in the AMP and other programs in the future : ability to develop knowledge and discover new ways of thinking
Misguided sensitivity: Willingness to believe and help people playing with my feelings
Misplaced perfectionism : desire to cover and do everything at best, whatever the cost
Fear of facing intrinsic obstacles: Am I intellectually and spiritually capable of going further ?
Transform being impulsive and entrepreneur by being reckless and irrational
What could be the global summary of all this ?
At 25, you are full of dreams and plans, which are difficult to write down on paper, but even more harsh to fulfill => the path will changed a lot and surely won't be easy, so keep your head up and try to move on, whatever the obstacles
Nobody is perfect, failure has to be experienced but has not to define yourself: try to assess and adapt as often as possible
Do not let your ambition drive your entire life and make you do bad choices
You produce your best work when you are passionate about what you do, and passion is linked to happiness, so try not to forget both...
Perseverance, tenacity and courage
Justice and fairness
"Seamos realistas, pidamos lo imposible"
(Che Guevara, Auguste Blanqui)

"Le sport va chercher la peur pour la dominer, la fatigue pour en triompher, la difficulté pour la vaincre. Plus vite, plus haut, plus fort"
(Pierre de Coubertin)
"Heres to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. Theyre not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo.

You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you cant do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward.

And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do".
Think Different - Steve Jobs
Who Am I Today ?
My Values
What Drives Me
My Motivations and My Needs
Desire to achieve things meaningful for me (develop, create, dynamizing, empower, etc.)
Desire to be recognized by peers in specific field of expertise (Management ? Leadership ? Entrepreneurship ?)
Need to be passionate about what I do, whatever it is
Drive to discover and interact with people from different horizons
Aspiration of always have the guts to do something new, with as few timeouts as possible
What Inspires Me
My Personal Business Plan : The Agenda of The Rest of My Life First Day's Journey
Leadership Strengths
Excellent ability to listen
Hard worker, conscientious and endeavour
Leadership Weaknesses
Not being sharp, incisive or assertive enough : being too "kind", naive or soft with colleagues or challengers when it comes to promote myself or my work
Lacking of self-confidence
Leadership Threats
Leadership Opportunities
....and Through My Colleagues' (and Partner) Microscope
Actual position within the company which can push you to explore new ways and do them well
Really ambition: never stand down in front of obstacles and ability to push the boundaries
Conciliatory life partner ready to move with you
Possibility of being headhunted or to favor an application for another job with participation's in the AMP and other trainings
Trusting people playing with my feelings
Being too much influenced by people's judgment and look and forget about my own goals and values
Kevin, 25 years old
In a couple for almost 6 years
Working for a bit less than two years at ALL INVEST S.A., a private equity holding, as Executive Assistant
Co-running 4 SME's by taking care of all financial, administrative, RH and strategic aspects
Lots of autonomy and responsibilities
Ready to move forward
My "Big 5" Personality Factors
Finishing the AMP
Almost 2 years within my company
Want to take on new challenges
Vivid ambition and desire of discoveries and new learnings
3 professional choices in front of me
Go further within personal relationship ?
Today' situation
Real turning point in both professional and personal life!
Important Remark :

For the PBP development, I will only go further into the 3d alternative development, for several reasons:
The first alternative will conduct one day to the second or the third, because I believe it is not an end in itself;
The second path should be really interesting to shape, but more in terms of business development, getting idea's to market, company growth, global management, etc. Of course I need to have an extra-detailed plan to undertake this journey, with personal development, assessments and timeline, but at the end, I guess that my personal goals should be similar, whatever the path chosen;
The third choice is currently the one I am targeting, in my thoughts, but I have not decided yet, so I want to put my feelings in writing and see what it takes if I have to follow this direction.
Alternative 1
Stay in my actual company and taking on more responsibilities : play the role of a COO for all the shareholding businesses (by a 3 years commitment to the company)
Alternative 2
Alternative 3
Take the "dreamy path" : Commit to a company playing at international level
Pros Cons
Great work environment
Perfect relations with colleagues, employees and my boss
Possibility of new trainings (Solvay, Vlerick, ...)
Possibility of financing a MBA in the US
Comfortable for social life : close to my flat, my family, my sports club, my friends...
Isn't the role COO already mine today, in a way ?
What could change in my responsibilities and autonomy ?
What's next ? Would I close the "international door" by choosing this path ?
Big changes within the organization today : would it still be attractive after those ?
Pros Cons
Take the bull by the horns : Launch my own business!
Always wanted to create something on my own
Be the decision-maker and the strategy-shaper
Comfortable for social life : close to my flat, my family, my sports club, my friends...
Too young to succeed ? Lack of experience ?
Which idea to pick ?
No big multinational experience
No international experience (at the least at the beginning)
Let's not sweep it under the carpet : a small fear of failure
Pros Cons
Always wanted to work at the international level, either as "expat" or "travelling worker"
Might fulfill the desire of leading big teams, having an important position and making strong and "Kevin-driven" changes within the organization
Possibility of launching a true career path
Might be hard to have a good balance between work and family
Maybe not so comfortable work environment
My partner might no agree, depending on the proposal...
Big change for my social life if expat : new flat, no family nor friends, new sports club...
Importance of quick adaptation
Focus on goals first, not directly on environment
First phase of observing, learning and accumulating data's of all kinds
Work straight on the ideal image by showing quality work and "global relevance" : you are not there by chance, but because you own it
Am I working in a sector which pleases me : finance, fashion, sports ?
Choice Acceptance Time
September 2014
Beginning of 2015
September 2015
September 2017
June 2018
October 2018
From beginning of 2016 to Mid-2017
Everything is settled, no strings attached, fully dedicated to the program
Open-minded and willing to discover a lot
Ready to work very hard
Beginning of my MBA
Beware the sensitivity, the blindness, the lack of confidence
Emphasize the creativity, leadership skills, social soft skills
Be aware and listening to every opportunity: where will be in a few months ? Beginning a new challenge, confirming your position within your former/actual company ?
Prepare carefully this new step of life, alongside with your partner
Be Ready to Move Forward
What about trying to be a dad ?
Good opportunity to prepare it while being away only together
Crucial step and absolutely needed step in my life
The US is a country where maternity following is cutting edge...
What do I want to achieve professionally ?
Have a true impact on the organizations I work for
Discover new people and new cultures as much as I have the opportunity
Have the will to always develop my skills, assess myself and re-invent my management style
Lead teams to achieve a common goals, empowering them and enjoy with them the benefits of success
Succeed in what I undertake by being myself, my true "ideal image"
Become a true and respected reference in my field(s) of expertise
What do I want to achieve in my personal life ?
Be with a partner who I can cherish, who understands me and loves me for who I am
Have 3 kids and try to give them every day the best in every domain so that they achieve to be open-minded and feeling good about themselves individuals
Have a beautiful home to invite friends and family over for bbq's and drinks
Time to evaluate your own Maslow Pyramid: hopefully for your, the three below steps are all right, but what about the last two ones ?
What is your future target ? What is the next challenge ? How to push the climax forward ?
End of First Quinquennium
End of 2019
Between 2020 and 2052
What you never have to forget all along the process
Stay hungry and foolish for everything you undertake
Never give up on sports (or you will be fat at 30 because you love restaurants...)
Never be a patronizing jerk and stay true to your roots

From Today to Tomorrow
Now that you have a great and highly diversified learning background, how will you use it in your daily worklife ?
Essential to maintain the use of those knowledge and alsways looking for other learning resources which could help you to "jump the curve" if needed!
Translate Theory into Practice
My Distinctive Leadership Competencies
No limit motivation
Open mind
Accelerate the preparation: narrow down the school choices, read reference publications in the fields you might be studying, look for specific trainings, gather lots of exercises for GMAT test, request for recommendations, try to think about the way of presenting yourself, search for grants, etc.
MBA Preparation and Management Position Development
Assess the opportunities of moving forward in the future : Is this really what you want ? Is it enough / too much ? Does it still fit to my needs and motivations ?
Try to be as specific as possible by defining what you need to climb up : readings, trainings, coaching sessions, soft skills development, etc.
After that, take a new challenge within the company : Possibility of leading a team or a project by taking new responsibilities
Time to develop your expertise (focus on trainings) and develop your management skills
Express your feelings about what you want to achieve within the company => if you want to lead, show that you are capable of doing so!
Keep an open eye on external competition and try hard to be the best, despite what is going on outside your "comfort bubble"
Phase 2 : Try to Put Your Label on the Organization
360° Assessment
Work on team spirit- team building to answer the following questions: how are working people together ? Are they confident about the goals you set ? Are they enoying working with you ?
Try to learn and to assess if your personal goals are in line with company's goals
Never forget to improve and cultivate your network !
My Public Image Assessment
My "Public Image"
What Do/
Don't Do
Benefits to me
Benefits to others
Anxieties, Fears,
Stresses, Concerns
I Feel
Anxieties, Fears,
Stresses, Concerns
Others Feel
Costs to Me
and Others
Active listening
Take time to think
over and relying
on facts to take
Do no react directly, be tempered
Work hard and try to prove the quality of my work
Try to the right thing and the thinds right
Seen as charismatic
Rational for facts
and emotional
with people
Tolerant and respectful with people
Selfish and careless
Not open to discussion
Bragging and patronizing
Not self-confident
Incoherent and stupid
Try to change subject and be humorous
Try to find compromise and not contradict people
Proudness of family and partner
Proudness of my boss (AMP)
Feeling safe and listened (employees)
Can reflect on the global image of the company
Can facilitate the work of others
Anxiety for my boss that I'd be headhunted
Fear of "job not done" (colleagues)
Stress to talk and to open themselves => unconfident (employees)
Transmission of stress (partner)
Improve the appetite of competitors
Concerns about my personal happiness and my success (parents)
Hard daily work
Energy consuming
Possibility of feeling a bit lost sometimes

Mix between work and personal life : + or - interferences
People can be sometimes destabilized by my reactions
In control
Feeling relax
Improving my work
Sharpening my fighting spirit (work and sports)
Bringing happiness
Fear to be perceived as arrogant or too ambitious/competitive
Concern to appear as zealous to make things better
Stress about letting others enter into the potential breach to diminish my work and capabilities
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