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Reuropa.eu -religion in Europe

a social network for the study of religion

reu ropa

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Reuropa.eu -religion in Europe

So, you are interested in polynesian mysteries?
Hungry for information, but how do you get it?
searching the web for new t pics?
trying to contact someone who has really been there?
waiting to finaly get invited to the conference of your dreams?
yes, probably all of these
but most likely you will also spend a lot of time on the
and you are doing that right:
social networking is really cool
but why not using it for professional reasons?
there are many social network sites connecting scientific communities
you can be connected to your friends just when you want
can share news, opinions
find more people with common ideas
information is pushed - you dont have to ask for it
in fact, this is what web 2.0 is
one more thing:
and we have now our own
the first social network sites gathering information about religion in Europe
presented by
we are beta -
everything is in change

and this will stay like this
the biggest change is the information you will add to the site
Many small things can add up a big one
sok kicsi sokra megy
now, you know, how to surf
go ahead, or you will never reach the island
(or, how you criticise what the others have written)
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