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Khan and Sunny

Khan Anjum

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Beowulf

Divine Intervention VALOROUS DEEDS Beowulf saves Hrothgar's Kingdom from the monsters.
He Kills Grendel and his mother.
He saves the Herot from more deaths. -Beowulf receives it when hes fighting Grendels mom and finds the sword
-Also when he gets struck by Grendel s mom and survives and his chain mail holds up Great Events -Grendel is killing everyone in the hall
-Beowulf battles Grendel and wins
-Battles Grendels mom and also wins
- Saves Hrothgars kingdom from Grendel Epic Hero The epic hero is Beowulf and almighty hero with insanely powerful strength QUESTS Beowulf is on a quest to rid Hrothgars kingdom of an unbeatable murderous fiend who terrorizes Herot
Beowulf defeats Grendel and his Mother Captain America Beowulf Captain America fights for the same cause as Beowulf (to save his world)
Captain America is also an epic hero because
- he has a quest to fight Red Skull
- he does valorous deeds by saving the world
- he received divine intervention when he lived from the plane crash even though it happened 50 years ago
-He has numerous Great events 1 of which is when he saves the 300 soldiers from the death camp
-Also because of his actions he won WW2 Beowulf like Captain America is an epic hero for all the reasons listed below
Beowulf like Captain America has a common goal, to defeat a threat to his people
Beowulf unlike Captain America has 3 enemy's the Dragon, Grendel, and Grendel's mom
Both Beowulf and Captain America have super strength
Beowulf however doesn't need the help of a medicine in order to become strong Beowulf
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