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The Blue Helmet

No description

Drake Fink-May

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of The Blue Helmet

1. Why do you think peacekeeping can be a dangerous task?
2. Why is peacekeeping such an important part of the UN?
The first symbol is The Blue Helmet. This symbol has more meaning than just the title of the book, this is why Cutter became the man he was in the book instead of being the computer genius he was
I think peacekeeping can be a dangerous task because you have to try and keep peace in a war-zone, meaning people don't want to have peace they would much rather fight for what they want.
The presence of peacekeepers in places such as Cyprus has greatly limited the spread of such violence. In other places, peacekeeping missions have been less successful.
The second symbol I am going to use is the title page of the book itself and the meaning. It has a person alone, walking away. This symbolizes Lee feeling alone in the world, like nobody understands him, and then he finds Cutter, who can understand him, but he ends up leaving him also making him feel even more alone
"Two choices, the Blue Helmet or the Green Helmet, join the war or keep the peace."
"He had gone to a violent, far-off place to make peace and he had brought the war home with him, in his mind, a bloodless wound deeper than any bullet could go" (page 111)
This quote relates to the theme because Cutter has left thinking that he could get away from the pressure of him picking a side (The Green Helmet or The Blue Helmet) after being scarred so deeply that he made the decision to end his own life, to get away from all the stress.
Cutter was telling me that when darkness comes from outside or from inside and tempts you to mine the school yard blow up the building pick up the gun and throw a punch you still have two choices the green helmet or the blue one.
This relates to the theme because Lee is now realizing that resorting to violence can make him do things that could send him to jail. Lee has to decide to continue to resort to violence or to have peace.
I'd recommend the book The Blue Helmet to Teenagers because it had a lot of good quotations and elements and was interesting for the most part.
My opinion on the book was it was smaller than most books I've read but had a good message, at times the pace was a bit slow though.

Other characters:
Aunt Reena: Lee's aunt Reena is the owner of a small diner in Hamilton. She takes Lee in once he is sent there to cool off and get his life back on track. She does not judge Lee about his past like the other adults in his life. Instead, she lets him work in her shop, either delivering food or being a bus boy.
Bruce Cutter: Cutter is mentally unstable, Lee comes across him in his delivery route. He soon becomes Lee's best friend. Cutter is paranoid about the government watching his every movement. He believes that the word is full of evil and that he must hide from it, Cutter is also a very peaceful person and opposes violence of any kind. Cutter might be crazy, but believe or not, he is a genius. Before he became mentally unstable, he was the creator of a famous puzzle game that made him hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Lee's Dad: Lee's father is not home much because he has to pay a debt of from taking Lee's mother on a vacation on her death bed and seems to only spend time with his son when he is arrested or gets in trouble at school.
Rising action: Once Lee arrives at his Aunt's restaurant, he begins working there as a busboy and a delivery boy for food and medication for the elderly people and regulars of the neighborhood. As he begins to deliver food and medication, Lee starts to find friendship in these people. In particular, Bruce Cutter stands out from the crowd due to his insanity. Lee and Cutter start to form a friendship even though Cutter is extremely mentally unstable. During his time working at his Aunt's, Lee begins to change thanks to the peace of the neighborhood and Cutter's friendship.
Climax: One day Abe calls Lee about something coming up on his Scanner, at Cutters address. At this point Lee hasn't talked to Cutter in weeks and is worried, so he goes to Cutter's house and sees many police cars and ambulances outside Cutter's house. As he investigates further, he finds that Cutter has committed suicide for an unknown reason. This leaves Lee feeling depressed and alone in the world once again. Lee struggles with the thought that he may have been able to prevent it if he was paying more attention to Cutter's condition. This is when Cutter's lawyer, Lakshimi informs Lee of Cutter's wealth and that he left all of it to Lee, including his house. Now having possession of the house, Lee decides to investigate why Cutter committed suicide and finds a room filled with papers and documents and journals of Cutter's supposed time in the U.N Peacekeeping Force. He also finds Cutter's blue peacekeeping helmet (hence the name of the book). This, Lee finally discovers, is what drove Cutter insane.
Conflict 1: The first conflict of my novel was Man vs Self. An example of this was when Lee was struggling with Cutter's suicide and trying to think what he could have done to prevent it from happening. He was completely caught off guard by Cutter's death, leading him to think he just wasn't as attentive as he should have been to the state of Cutter's condition.
Conflict 2: The second conflict of my novel was Man vs Society. An example of this was at the start of the book when Lee is arrested while trying to rob a store. This was not the first time when Lee had been caught committing crimes. At This point in the book, he is against the law/ society and takes shelter from it with other criminals.
Lee, seeing as how he does not have many friends or family he can talk to, decides to try to find companionship in a local gang called the Tarantulas. For Lee to become part of this gang Lee has to do many jobs for them such as stealing and mugging so he can one day be initiated into the gang. It comes to the point when he only needs to do one more job and he will become a Tarantula, but during this job he is arrested by the Police. Due to his long record, the policemen suggest that he is sent somewhere away from the Tarantulas and the crime of the city, so they ship him off to live with his Aunt Reena with no complaint from his father.
Resolution: Lee, now knowing the cause of Cutter's suicide, can rest in a more peaceful state. At this point, Lee is now a completely different person from what he was before at the beginning of the story. Now all he wants is to settle down, but not without his family. Using some of the money Cutter left him, Lee pays off his father's debts and asks him to move into Cutter's old house with him. Lee's father however, does not want to take the money and finally reveals why he had to take two jobs. Before Lee's mother died, his father took her to Europe. Now he has to pay off the debts of that trip and if Lee just gave him the money it would seem like he failed her, but Lee convinced him to let him pay because he was young when it happened and he couldn't help out either.
The setting of this book is in Toronto, Ontario in a small, run down apartment. Lee is sent from this area to live with his Aunt Reena at her diner in a smaller neighborhood in Toronto. Lee stays here until the end of the book. This is where most of the novel takes place, so it would be the main setting.
The protagonist of the novel "The Blue Helmet" is Lee Mercer. He is a teenager from New Toronto who at the beginning lives with his dad, but he gets involved in The Turantulas and his Father sends him away to live with his aunt Reena. Lee doesn't start out as a likable character but by the end he becomes likable
The antagonist of this book is actually Lee himself, The majority of the book has Lee fighting "The Darkness" inside of him and trying to overcome it.
Motivating Incident: The motivating incident of The Blue Helmet is when Lee gets caught robbing the auto supply shop and his Father makes him move to Hamilton with his aunt Reena.
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