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The Haunting of Beardslee Castle

A lot of strange things happen at Beardslee Castle....

Keana Schrag

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of The Haunting of Beardslee Castle

Beardslee Castle.... The Home to Spirits.... Strange Things.... The Owners.... Randall Brown.... Pop Christensen.... Our Theory.... Augustus Beardslee.... Strange Feelings and Mysterious Floating Objects.... The Mausoleum.... Strange Lights.... The Castle's History.... Spirits That Wander The Castle.... The Indian Tribe.... The Mystery.... During the French and Indian War some Indians snuck into a homestead (where the castle is now located) where gun powder and munitions were stored. Legends tell that the torches that they had set off the powder and they were blown up, many have said that their spirits haunt the castle. -Many have told that they have seen a women walking, sitting, or looking out a window in the castle. She has been seen in a white dress, they gave her the name Abigail, many believe that she died the night before her wedding.

-There is also the ghost of Mr. Beardslee who walks the grounds of the castle with a lantern, almost looking as if he was searching for someone or something. People in the 50's reported seeing strange lights when driving on Route 5. These apparent lights were either blue or yellow and would rush out from under neath their cars from the trees and would chase them down the road. Sometimes the light would be blinding and others it would be seen far out in the distance. One survivor said "The light blinded her husband (the driver) who died in the wreck." In some fatal accidents some drivers drive right off the road. One night three employees decided to play with an oiuja board, then the lights went out, and one of the employees was hit very hard in the chest and was shoved across the room.
Another time was when some of the employees came in and the tables were flipped, silverware was flying across the room,bottles and glasses were breaking, and many other physical activities. When three employees were chased out of the building, they were chased by thunderous screams and holws Sometimes they heard music or a lady singing coming from the second floor, doors opening and closing, foot steps, and keys jingling.
Even being a new-comer you can just feel the pit of hauntingness in your stomach. Back in the 60's there used to be parties at the old Beardslee graveyard. One night many people reported seeing strange lights and hearing voices at the mausoleum. When the stories turned bad because some individuals went in there one night and dug up one of the graves and stole the skull of Augustus Beardslee. He was then later arrested for having it in his closet. Where the mausoleum stands there are 200 foot pine trees, no one visits anymore and there are no weeds growing in the path. Beer cans from the 60's are still there like they have been untouched by time. He is the current owner of Beardslee castle. Pop Christensen was the former owner of the Beardslee Castle. He came down with a rare disease and killed himself in the women's bathroom (by hanging himself). One of his grandaughters has reported seeing a lantern floating on its own behind the castle. Our theory is that Beardslee Castle is very haunted. We also think that their may be a family cover up too, one reason for this is because of how many owners their has been. Almost all of the owners have died their; Pop Christsen- he hung himself in the ladies room. Augustus Beardslee- he died their very vioently, Guy Beardslee- He died their too, and many others. Beardslee Castle ... small The castle was originally built in 1860 by Augustus Beardslee. The castle is made to look like an Irish castle. When the Beardslees' were vacationing in Florida the castle caught ablaze. Their was a "mysterious man" seen lurking around the castle a few days before the fire. The fire was so bad it destroyed everything but the original structure of the castle. Augustus Beardslee built the castle in 1860, he built as a replical of an Irish Castle. The Woman.... When a traveling couple was driving on route 5, they were horrified when a young lady stepped out in front of their car. The car hit the lady, many people saw this in a car traveling in the opposite direction. After the police were called they searched along the road, but there was no woman to be found, and there were no marks on the car. The Beardslee Mausoleum.... The Beardslee Mausoleum, is it haunted as well, that's the other mystery. The Child.... On Route 5, there has also been siting of a child walking around. Many people see the child walking alongside the road late at night. The Second Fire.... When the castle caught fire again in the back of the kitchen it was in the morning. By the time the firemen got there it had spread through the entire kitchen on August 30, 1989. Over 1500 square feet were burned. the building was abanded, things were stolen, it became a hangout for parties.
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