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Cabrillo College, Fall 2013

First Day and All Fall 2013 Courses

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Transcript of Cabrillo College, Fall 2013

Managerial Accounting 1B
Bookkeeping Accounting 151 A
Computer Accounting 159
Financial Accounting 1A
Course Syllabus and Course Calendar
(Click each page to read full screen)
Cabrillo College
Fall 2013

First Day Videos
Transparency Masters/Lecture Notes
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Job Order Costing (ch 3)
How to use Connect from the Publisher
for your online Homework
Lecture Notes
Chapter 1
Videos for Financial Accounting
Videos for Managerial Accounting
Take Attendance
0. take Attendance (10 points)
1. Finish TM Chapter 1
2. Lecture ch 1-4 Financial Acct. --> -->
3. Go thru TM Chapter 2
4. Start Homework
5. Take quiz Chapter 2
4 Financial Statements for a Review
Check Figures
Videos for Financial Accounting
Chapter 2
4 Financial Statements for a Review
1. take attendance
2. Show Balance Sheet, etc.
3. A = L + OE
4. Demo transactions
5. cover Homework.
Chapter 3

Trial Balance
1. take attendance
2. explain T accts
3. Debits and credits
4. Demo transactions from book
5. Trial balance
Lecture Notes (take attendance)
4 Financial Statements for a Review
4 Financial Statements for a Review
A = L + OE
Chapter 14
Chapter 3
Quiz Chapter 2
Quiz Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
- Cost of goods sold
Gross Margin
(Application Rate = Est. total Overhead / est. total Cost Driver)
Quiz Chapter 3

Process Costing (Ch4)
Chapter 4
Chapter 17
Quiz Ch 4
Wt. Avg.
Chapter 18
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 7 - special Journals

Chapter 8 Budgets
Budget Example
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

Chapter 11
Full transcript