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Camp America - Mrs Raji

No description


on 11 July 2011

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Transcript of Camp America - Mrs Raji

How did I find out about it?
Why did I do it? UP STATE NEW YORK
making yourself at home RESPONSIBILITIES &
getting paid to have fun! FREE TIME MAKING FRIENDS INTERESTED? Both Camp America and BUNAC
offer summer camp experiences Mmm, s'mores! Some reasons to take part in Summer Camp It says ‘I’m not one to waste my time’
It gives you a stand-out CV
It helps you build confidence, and learn new skills
It says you took on the challenge It's easy to apply To secure your placement at a US summer camp for summer 2012 here's what you need to do...

Make sure you will be available for at least 9 weeks

You complete an online application, pay your first deposit & meet with an interviewers. They're nice people who know lots about camp (many have been to camp themselves).

Your application gets posted on the on-line matching system, and is available to be seen by over 900 camps in the US! You can also attend Recruitment Fairs, which kick off in January time. Here you can get hired on the spot and walk away with your dream summer camp job!

Camp America find you a placement , tell you where you're going and provide you the assistance you need in obtaining the J-1 visa, and take all the hassle out of arranging the boring stuff like flights & medical insurance.

You leave on a jet plane, you spend the summer at camp, you travel a bit, you're happy. Job done!
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