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Simple and Compound Machines The Wheelbarrow

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Kobe Joe Vrkic

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Simple and Compound Machines The Wheelbarrow

Simple and Compound Machines The Wheelbarrow

What is the purpose of the Machine?
The purpose of a wheel barrow is to transport heavy objects or heavy loads of materials from point A to point B with ease.
How does the Wheel Barrow work?
To use a wheelbarrow, you must lift the barrow with the levers attached. You then tilt the wheelbarrow using the levers so it is an incline plane. The wheel and axel then roll with ease to help the person pushing the barrow.
The result of my experiment was successful, and I now have a fully functioning, Lego wheelbarrow.
A wheel barrow is made up of 3 different simple machines. they are:
wheel and axle
incline plane


1. Design the compound machine.
2. Find items around the house that will help make the compound machine.
3. Create the incline plane, the lever, the wheel and cup section of the wheelbarrow.
4. Put the wheelbarrow together by attaching the incline place to the lever, and then attaching the wheel.

The outcome of the experiment was that a full functioning wheelbarrow was created.
In conclusion I successfully built a compound machine (a wheelbarrow), using more than one simple machine (a lever, a wheel and axel and an inclined plane).
Aim: To build a compound machine.

Hypothesis: To use household objects to create a compound machine with more than one simple machine.

* Lego
* Wheel
* Axel
* Lever
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