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fixing iPhones

No description

Library Media

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of fixing iPhones

#1 fixing iPhones
Have you ever taken an iPhone apart?
First you would take the back off.
Take out the parts on the inside.
Take out the glass and replace it.
Put the parts back in and the back on.
2# History of the iPhone
Here are the facts.
Steve Jobs called his company Apple because he ate a lot of fruit. He thought the apple was the best fruit in the world. He called Apple Apple because an Apple is the best in Steves words.
the iPhone is a small vershin of an iPad.
Steve Jobs sold the first iPhones on April 1, 2007.
3#Top 5 Ways To Break An iPhone
here are 5 different ways to break an iPhone.
1. 43% of breaks are caused by people dropping it on a hard surface.

2. 35% of broken phones fell or dropped into water.
3. 32% of phones get stepped or sat on.
4. 12% of people leave their iPhone on the roof of their car.
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