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Drawing Conclusions

No description

Teshana McDowell

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Drawing Conclusions

Draw Conclusions putting together clues to
solve a mystery Conclusion You're the detective is a decision you reach
that makes sense after you
think about details or facts in what you read to Draw a Conclusion think about what you
know and make a decision
about details in the text
to draw a conclusion - Use evidence

- Prior knowledge or background knowledge

- Life experiences

- Think about what you already know

Put information together in order to make decisions You figure out something
by thinking about it Drawing a conclusion
helps the reader
better understand
what they are reading use the text to
draw conclusions about
events or ideas
in the text Prior Knowledge Evidence 1. Sarah covered her eyes as she
watched the movie.
lets APPLY what you've learned What evidence in the sentence supports your conclusion? Conclusion: I think Sarah is afraid. You can probably determine from this sentence that Leo... 2. Leo smiled as he looked at his test paper.
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