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No description

Alicia Gamelli

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Marketing

Facebook is an easy way for clients to show they "like" our service THE ROAD TO NEW CLIENTS & KEEPING OLD ONES COMING BACK! Video Marketing Open Discussion Google Plus Digital Marketing in 2013 73% of Google searchers are looking for answers to their questions What is Google Marketing? How Google Has Helped Us www.facebook.com/injurylawyersma Social Influence Word of mouth, reputation, and friend and family referrals are still the most influential to potential clients Our ads have been clicked on over 13,000 times.
Our Facebook ads are seen by 40-50k people a week. Create more useful, shareable, and likeable content. Our Facebook Reach Facebook Reviews Facebook 2013 Approx. 250 unique people "like" our page every month. Our ads have appeared on over 18M Facebook pages Search Marketing workers compensation lawyers springfield February 2012-February 2013 Total Intakes: 823

Total Cases Opened: 273 % of total intakes from all paid advertising 50%

% of total cases opened from all paid advertising 53% Free, Organic Ranking Delivering fresh, useful, and updated information through several channels like website, blogs, videos, and social media Google will see our website as an "authority" site and will ultimately rank our site higher in the search results. Free, Organic Google Listing Paid Ads We bid on relevant keywords against competitors. Based on bid, relevancy, and several other factors, Google will rank the results accordingly. What is LinkedIn? The largest professional networking site Individuals create LinkedIn profiles and connect with other business professionals LinkedIn profiles highlight professional accomplishments and your area of expertise Your connections will see your posts and professional updates. How can Linkedin help us? Attorneys can create Linkedin profiles and connect with other professionals (i.e. lawyers, union reps)

Post great legal updates and thoughts to show your expertise to other professionals. GOAL: MORE DIRECT REFERRALS WHO'S DOING IT WELL? Goal Our Facebook Page Use Facebook to quickly release successful settlements, new firm videos, and legal updates Facebook community loves to see social types of posts and very little self-promotions Status Update Page www.linkedin.com Linkedin When someone likes our page, their Facebook friends will see the ad below around 8-10 times a week "Google Plus is the identity machine binding
all of Google’s services to Google’s growing
impression of your personal needs. This isn’t
about search or social, it’s about you." A Google plus profile must be created to use Google products Once logged in, all searches and browsing that is done is tracked by Google Google will personalize search results based on your search history Google Plus Business Page Google Plus for Businesses Allows a platform for businesses to build their brand online Displays client reviews on the first page of Google Google Plus allows our profile picture to be shown next to our listing in the Google search engine results page. Search Re-Marketing Web User Visits
www.psrblaw.com Web user leaves our site Web user visits a popular site User sees our ad
again User is brought
back to us Discussion Television Radio Search results pages will be a mix of text and video Short 30-60 second informational videos are best and most useful to clients Google and other search engines love fresh video content Attorneys will record several videos answering commonly asked client questions We will promote videos across all channels: website, facebook, youtube, google Thoughts for 2013 Paid Ads Searcher is taken to the workers comp section of our website & a 100 other Google partner sites (i.e. Comcast.net, AOL.com, ASK.com) Over 1 billion searches are done daily & 73% of people are searching for information and answers to their questions
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